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August 31, 2006

Wafting Exhales...

brunette woman smoking wafting exhale I've made it my mission to keep an eye peeled for the best wafting pics out there for ya', as I'm not a big fan of the wafting exhale, something that only came true after I began indulging my fetish online.

I will still take the thick exhale over anything, but the drifting, or wafting as some people like to call it, exhale is very high up on the per capita sexiness meter.

There is also no way, in my opinion, that a woman does a thick, wafting exhale for any other reason than she wants to get the effect from onlookers...of course, I say that as a male smoking fan, but why else would it be? I guess some smokers-and I'm not-might say that it has something to do with avoring the taste or something, but I'm not buying that.

When a smoking woman or model lets that smoke curl slowly and tantalizingly out of her mouth, making for a great candid experience or an awesome pic or video shot, I always feel like she is doing it for the benefit of a smoking fan, like me. Hey, I'm not complaining, far from it, I just want them to keep it up, don't you?       

August 30, 2006

Big Breast Smokers:

sarenna lee smoking 

Another pic of Sarenna Lee, without question my all time favorite big bust smoker, who has a look like Marilyn Monroe and definitely using smoking to add to her allure in many of her pics.

Sarenna no longer has her own site, but there are some out there with her pics and many of them have her smoking, which isn't surprising as she was an in real life smoker. Don't be shocked to see more Sarenna pics in this blog under my big bust smokers catergory.

August 29, 2006

Julia Stiles Smokes...

This young, sulty blonde actress is also a very alluring smoker who is an in real life smoker to boot. For some reason, she reminds me a lot of the classic smoking queens of the golden age of Hollywood, I don't know why, but she just does. I also like the fact that she is a serious deep dragger....you get thick exhales with deep drags and many of you know that I like my exhales thick and creamy. There is a new model named Nicole from Smoking Rachel's site that reminds me a little of Julia Stiles.


julia stiles smoking a cigarette 

August 28, 2006

Smoking Site: New Model at Smoking Rachel

blonde smoking by windowNicole is just the latest in the long line of new smoking models at Smoking Rachel. Rachel tells me that this college student was one of the best models she has worked with, an unabashed binge smoker who is very beautiful and has a fantastic personality.

Rachel says this is one model she definitely wants to work with again and again, if possible and they have made plans for another smoking shoot in the near future.

She says it will take some time to edit all of Nicole's footage, but there are already some real good Nicole smoking clips available in one of Rachel's stores.

Also, there will be a gallery coming soon on the main site as Rachel promises me pics, so keep your eyes peeled.  

Asia Argento Smokes...

Asia Argento is one of Italy's leading actresses and also a budding young director. I don't know much about her work,  but I can tell from her pics that she is a serious smoker, and a very sultry one at that. Many of you really like nothing more than a serious deep drag from a good looking female smoker, and the pic on this blog is certainly about as good as you will see when it comes to that aspect of the fetish. There are a ton of pics of Ms. Argento out there on the web, but of the ones that I have seen, this is my favorite. 


asia argento smoking 

August 27, 2006

Smoking Site Review: Smoking Bunnies

This is a site I just found recently on the net, and I don't know too much about it, but wanted to give it some props in case there are some of you out there, liker me, who don't know about it. The pics on the homepage, as you can see from the pic on the blog, seem to be high quality and so, we can guess that the guys running the site really "get it" and understand the type of quality we're looking for.

I think the site is definitely "R" and might even be XXX, but I don't know for sure, one of you will have to take the plunnge and join, then let me know. So, even as some old reliable sites such as Specialized Videos seem to be on the way out, there are new ones like this one to try and fill their shoes. 


girl smoking in cowboy hat

Smoking Site: Visual Smoke

Visual Smoke has been talked about in this blog before, it is a high quality one man site that has been on the web for years, and is serious about focusing on the glamour aspect of the fetish as its a PG 13 site. The owner is based out West, has produced several quality videos, and the members area is very reasonablyh priced. I also hear that there is a new release coming soon. This is the kind of site that I feel we in the smoking fan community owe it to ourselves to support in any way that we can.


mature blonde smoking 



Smoking Site Review: Lady Madonna Undercover

As I blogged about a while back, previously high quality and PG-13 site Lady Madonna opened a sister site that shows nudity with the high rez and quality smoking models that the site has always had. This pic is of model Paris, who seems to be one of the newer smoking models at the Undercover portion of the site.

When they announced the opening of the naughty site, they said that very few models would be in both places, though there are some. But, it's pretty clear that the quality of smokers has not gone down one inch, which is a very good thing to hear for fans of this excellent site.


brown haired model smoking 

August 25, 2006

Big Breast Smokers: The Busty Domme

big boob woman smoking in leatherThe shot from below the smoking model, especially if it is a "domme" scenario is one of my favorite types of smoking fetish oriented shots...emphasizing the presence and the dominance of the smoker, making the whole "domme" thing a little more realistic.

My admiration of big bust smokers is no secret for anyone who has read this blog previously, and the whole domination thing goes real nicely with a goiod sized bust, don't you think.

Some real good examples of high quality big bust smokers are Sarenna Lee, whose pics can be found on this blog and Angels Smoking ArchiveLisa Lipps, and, most of all, Mistress Betka Schpitz , who has a gallery dedicated to her on the main site.

When it comes to what makes a good busty domme, the prominence of the bust is very important, of course, but again, for those of us in the smoking fan community, there needs to be some serious emphasis on the smoking, preferably with smoke either curling out of her mouth or a thick stream being exhaled. Some of you like the whole "human ashtray" thing with either a male or female being dominated. Me, I don't need that, but thats just me. If the busty domme is just holding, like in this post's pic, then the camera angle and all of that is a big factor, like I said in here.  But, the bustier the smoker, the better, as a general rule of thumb.   

Laura Prepon Smokes....

laura prepon smokingOne of the young stars of "That 70's Show", Laura Prepon is, evidently and unabashed in real life smoker. I'm not familiar with her TV career, but there seemed to have been some smoking scenes in that show. I did she her  raunch role in "Slackers" and, even though she didn't smoke in that role, you can kind of tell, you know?

I think she fits into that category of female smokers who would be popular among the smoking fetish community even if she weren't a celebrity, even if she was one of those nameless or one name  models who appear on some of the quality smoking glamour websites we like to visit so often: randomsnaps, lady-madonna, smokingrachel, inreallife,  and so on.  She just seems to have the sexy, unnderstated "good girl who is a little bad" that is so attractive, and common with very popular female smoking models. For me, she would be one of a few smoking celebs who I would choose to do a serious smoking fetish video if they would...others being Virginia Madsen, Kate Winslet, and Alicia Silvertstone. Who would be on your list of smoking celebrities who could star in a smoking fetish video or smoking clip?  

August 24, 2006

Jennifer Esposito Smokes

jennifer esposito smokingThe dark haired, sultry beauty is the epitome of the sensuaal smoker, in my opinion, of the look of the sultry, sensual smoker.

You know, sexy, yet dangerous kind of femme fatele that almost always smokes in the movies?

Unfortunately, I have never seen her smoking in an actual movie or vid clip on the net, but the pics, like this one, show all that smokey sensual promise that you want in a smoking celeb. Anyone who can point to a place that has any clips of her smoking, or any movies that she smokes in, will be my pal for life 

August 23, 2006

Smoking Site Reviews: Bob's Videos

woman exhaling thick stream of smokeBob's Videos have long been at the forefront of putting out smoking fetish films, having been on the web and doing business for almost ten years now. Bob does a heck of a lot more than smoking stuff, with legs, heels, and some hardcore material on his site, which is foucsed primarily on full length movies as opposed to memberships and downloadable material as most of the sites out there are now. The thing I like about Bob's Videos is the obvious effort and money that Bob puts into his productions, most of the models are webmistresses or models, who are more expensive than amateurs, and you can see the effort in production that goes into the sets he uses. His material shows he really understands the fetish, although there is a lot of emphasis on the hardcore aspect of the fetish, particularly the smoking bj. Not necessarily my cup of tea but a real quality site without a doubt.      

August 22, 2006

Minnie Driver Smokes....

minnie driver smokingThe tall British actress is undoubtedly an in real life smoker, as seen by her many pics floating around on the internet and in some of her movies.

She seems to be definitely an in real life smoker and, to me, she has that almost perfect "look" when she is smoking, the rare celeb who can look as good in my book when she is just holding or dragging as she does when there is actually an exhale, which as you know, is by far my favorite type of smoking pic.

Like a lot of the current female smoking celebs that are in real life smokers, her actual smoking in movies that we may have seen seems to be fairly limited...you ever notice that a lot of the celebs who turn in quality smoking performances on screen seem to be those who are more likely to put out the "I don't smoke in real life" line? While the ones who we see with the really good candid pics are the ones who you don't see smoking as much on screen? That's not always the case, of course, when you look at celebs like Kate Winslet who are always puffing away onscreen and make no bones about their real life smoking habit.

Or maybe it just seems that way. Its probably because, in today's movies at least, an actress is only likely to smoke a fair amount onscreen if it is part of the script, where as in the older movies, characters often smoked "just because".       

August 21, 2006

Marlene Dietrich: Smoking Queen

marlene dietrich smoking One of the most sensuous smokers from the classic black and white movie days was definitely Marlene Dietrich. Now, she is way before the time of most of you who will be reading this blog, even though she lived well into her 80's.

She was in the silent movie era, and worked with such screen legends as Jimmy Stewart and Humphrey Bogart. For me, a biography of her that I saw in the public library (where people used to do their reading before the 'net, youngsters) was oone of the first times I can remember being aroused by the sight of a woman with a cigarette, I think from a movie called The Blue Angel .

I also remember seeing an old movie of hers-I'm not sure of the titile guys-where she is smoking almost an entire cigarette hands free while sweeping a floor. In retrospect, that scene had to be done with an attraction to smoking glamour.

She was no doubt in real life, as almost all of those classic smoking queens of the silver screen were...hell, it was her generation of actresses smoking in the movies that helped turn smoking from an almost entirely male activity in the first part of the twentieth century to a majority female one by the end of the century, so we should all kind of expect to see smoking when we watch those old black and white films with their flickering images, although the lighting of the smoke will not compare to what we can see on the web today with producers focusing on just that.

But, to the point, there is not even a question that Marlene Dietrich, the German actress who turned her back on Hitler for Hollywood, was one of the very best of the smoking queens.  

Pamela Anderson Smokes...

pamela lee anderson smokingalthough it seems she denied it for years, and might even still deny it. But, according to her credits in Barb Wire and the TV show VIP . Now, I've seen the movie and I don't remember any smoking from Pam, but there are some pictures of her smoking on the 'net, particularly on Smoking Celebs, though most of the pics are obviously vidcaps.

On the other hand, the TV show seems to have some legit smoking from Pam, as she evidently plays twins, one of whom is a "bad girl" type who smokes a lot.

So, it should warm the hearts of smoking fans that arguably the hottest celeb babe of the last decade is a smoker, although she seems to be reluctant to admit it, but for some of you that might even make it a little more enticing.

And, although most of Pam's, shall I say, assets are obviously not natural, there is no question she remains not only a good lookin celeb, but a hot babe as she approaches the big 4-0. So, thank you for smoking, Pam, even if its just a little.  

Colight: Smokey Kisses

It won't surprise some of you that when I blog about Colight Megan is in the mix , and here she is again in probably the best "smokey kiss" pic I've seen, with the way both models exhale is thick, clear and not blocking the eroticism of the kiss. I had said in an earlier blog that, for me, the models involved don't necessarily have to be actually kissing, the phrase is used if one or both is exhaling into the others mouth. But, when a pic is as good as this, I'm willing to make an exception : )

For those of you who don't now, Megan is the one on the left of this pic. She was a serious in real life smoker, I say was since she no longer models for Colight, to my knowledge. Also, I saw the video that this vidcap comes from, called "Rings". Anyone who is into smoke rings should definitely check out that video, though I'm not sure if it is available on DVD now, maybe just VHS. 

women kissing while smoking 


August 20, 2006

Gina Gerson & Drea Dematteo Smoke...

gina gershon drea dematteo smoking Well, its kind of rare to find a smoking celeb pic where both are in real smokers, you can easily tell it really is the celeb claimed,  and both are smoking, but this one hits the nail on all those heads.  

The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect, of course, would be if we could see a well lit dual exhale from Gina and Drea...but you can't have everything now can you?   

Smoking Sweethearts is now "Southern Style"

girl exhaling smokeI'm not sure why the former "Smoking Sweethearts" site (formerly Twinkles Little Stars) changed its name to Southern Style

but I can state that the high quality content does not seem to be affected in anyway. PG-13 themed with a real good emphasis on well lit exhales makes them definitely one of my favorites. Also, they have a big number  of models on their site, which has been up under its different names for a number of years. I think this is a real good bonus, better than those sites where you see the same, or the same three or four, models all of the time. I'm not putting those sites down, because I know from pal Smoking Rachel how hard it is to find, pay, schedule, and shoot smoking models, so it is easy to use the old reliables when you find them. so when you have 15 or 20 plus models on a site, all the better.

Southern Style has a members area and videos for download. At $44, they are on the high side for vids, but the quality makes it worth it, in my opinion. You get what you pay for, guys.

August 18, 2006

Andrea Parker Smokes....

andra parker smokesand smoked and smoked in the first few seasons of her role on the series The Pretender, where she played a sarcastic, chain smoking tough femme. I remember reading somewhere when the show was still being made that, even though she was an in real life smoker, she found it hard to smoke in take after take.

So, obviously, her character was supposed to smoke in the script. I didn't watch regularly, but I can say that she was a very deep dragger and produced some wonderful talking exhales as well as a lot of residual exhales.

Apparently, she quit smoking in real life in part because of the amount of smoking she had to do on the show...or so they say.  

August 17, 2006

Suze Randall's Smoking Erotica...

girls smokey kissingis there in prominent place in her sites member's area, as I have blogged about before when talking about Suze Randall's site.

Even though smoking is not the main focus of the site, Suze does have a separate gallery for smoking material and the "smokey kiss" is featured there, just like in this pic that is decorating this post. I'm not a big smoke in the face guy, but I do like a good pic of two smoking women, and, for me, they don't have to actually be kissing per se, but getting their lips close together and blowing smoke at each other, or one blowing smoke into the other's mouth before she does the residual exhale...

Ahh, you now, its all good, hard to go wrong with two smoking beauties getting close to each other. I know some people really like the smoke in the face thing when it is done more as a "dominatio" thing than a seductive one, such as a smoking domme who is blowing smoke in the face of her "smoke slave" or whatever. And, I've also seen on some sites that take it a little further with the recipient having to be a "human ashtray.

Not for me, but whatever people like to see. As for the seductive smokey kiss, you're not going to do any better than the limited content on Suze Randall's site.    

August 15, 2006

One of the best wafting pics I've seen

woman smoking with holderThis pic is a familiar one to those who have been surfing the net for a while, and its probably 15 years old or so.

I'm not sure who the model is, but I have the impression, for some reason, that it is an actress or someone of note, possibly foreign. Some might call this a french inhale pic, but its more wafting to me and one of the few holder pics that I really like. I'm not too much into holders, I don't really know why, I guess its just too aristocratic.

But, good smoking is good smoking and this one is good smoking from all aspects...go lighting of the smoke, good looking smoking model...sultry look, the whole nine.

August 14, 2006

Colight: Smoke in the Face...

girl blowing smoke in girl's faceColight is heavy on the domination aspect of the smoking fetish, so its no real surprise that the site has a lot of smoke in the face material, which along with forced smoking, is a big theme that you see over and over on the site. Not particularly my cup of tea, but when done right, like in the pic for this blog, I'm not complaining. Colight is really out there to satisfy those with the "dark side" of the fetish.

August 13, 2006

New Smoking Model at Smoking Rachel's Site

big bust blonde smokingHer name is Tiffany and Rachel tells me that she is social smokers who was an absolute blast to shoot with. They have done one shoot together and Rachel says that there is already another one planned, so it looks like Tiffany is another quality addition to Rachel's ever growing stable of smoking models.

As I've said in this blog before, you can see all of Rachel's content of herself and her models by joining her VIP Room, which is where her members can view all of her content. Rachel also has her own clip store, where those of you who would rather own than rent can download clip packages of various smoking models for as little as 8 bucks in increments of 30 minutes and up.     

Smokevision web site...

girl blowing smoke ringshas undergone a lot of transformations over the years...it was never the prototypical smoking fetish site, and now, they have branched into "modelsupclose" which is, as far as I can determine, a site where you can join and/ or watch per minute of pretty models "living" among one another. Smoekvision did produce some quality smoking videos, and, in my opinion, their videography is second to none, although sites like Random Snaps come close. As you can see, from the pic that decorates this post , these guys have a talent for videography and lighting and an understanding of what the  fetish is all about for so many smoking fans.

Its hard to recommend Smokevision, however, when so much of its thrust and material is going away from smoking fetish/glamour. I have not ever joined the modelsupclose site for just that reason, I just do not know how much smoking material is in there, which helps me make a determination of whether I want to plunk down my cash for access. Having said that, when it comes to quality of videography, you won't find any better and, from what I've seen in the past, their smoking models are of high quality. This is one that depends on exactly what you want out of a smoking site.  

August 11, 2006

Connie Nielsen Smokes...

The seductive Dane from Basic and Devil's Advocate is a smoker, and an in real life one according to the scuttlebutt. Her smoking performance in Devil's Advocate was great, check that one out if you get a chance. I think she does a good job, from what I've seen, of making it real sultry, seductive, and classically old school. What better way to show that than in a black and white pic, huh? connie nielsen smoking

August 10, 2006

Angie Everhart smokes...

angie everhart smoking

Or at least the sultry auburn haired actress sure does pose for some provacative smoking pics, with the candle light up. Its seems the evidence that she is an in real life smokers is somewhat thin, but there are a couple of pics of her smoking out there on the 'net. Now, you know that I am partial to pics that actually show an inhale or exhale, but I've always liked the candle light up thing a whole lot, sometimes there is nothing better than a lightup. I wouldn't go so far as to say Angie Everhart is a smoking queen based just on this pic of her doing a candle lightup...but she is darn close.  

August 09, 2006

See this often on the Smoke Break?

big bust blonde smokingNow, I don't know where you work or what the rules are on smoking in the workplace, but I'm sure most of you wouldn't mind having a coworker like this who smokes up a storm in the designated areas. I know I wouldn't.

August 08, 2006

More thick Exhales...

blonde blowing thick exhaleI just can't resist the beauty of the thick, well lit exhale, as some of you well know by reading this blog. Notice how the exhale smoke from this girl's mouth seems to have a glow? I love that, whether its because of the well placed back lighting, or whether its because of the way the natural light hits the exhale, which is what I think i going on in this pic.

I know that there a lot of fans out there who prefer candid pics or in real life stuff and, of course, I like that, too. But, it just seems that when it comes to the well lit exhale, you can't beat a well lit posed pic or video from an in real life smoking model.    

August 07, 2006

Extreme Closeup of a French Inhale...

close up pic of a french inhaleonce again, this is old personal favorite Megan from Coherent Lightin this pic, which is one of the most intense closeups I have ever seen of a serious french inhale, although its a little bit grainy. You can really get a good idea of the depth of Megan's inhales and frenching technique, plus you can appreciate how much Colight really understands and gets into the fetish. French inhale fans have to love closeups like this.     

The Open Mouth Inhale...

women doing open mouth inhale is another very popular trick in the smoking fetish community/smoking fans. A close "cousin" to the french inhale, in my opinion, it does rate very high on the "sexy" meter.

Jessica of 1000 Cigarettes is one of the best at this trick and, from what I have seen on her site, seems to kind of specialize in this trick.

You can see a little of the classic open mouth inhales (OMIs) as well on both Random Snaps and some of Rachel's own work at Smoking Rachel  

If it were me rating the smoking tricks, as neat as OMI's are, they would still be behind thick exhales, nostril exhales, and french inhales...but, that's just me. They're all good. 

August 04, 2006

The Smokemistress Website...

leather domina smokingis one of the older ones on the net. This pic is not of Smoke Mistress hereself, but one of her mondels. Smoke Mistress has been on the net and in the community even before she got her own site, she did some vids for Second Hand Smoking about ten years ago or so.

I'be been to the site many times, the pics and sample vids are good with regard to smoking content, although there doesn't seem to be the variety of models or frequency of updates that you will find on some of the other leading sites. I don't think this is Smoke Mistress's full time job. The themes seem to be heavy on smoking domination, with a lot of latex, as in this picture, smoke in the face, and the whole smoking "slave" thing. I've never joined as a member, but I did get a video a few years back. I think its safe to say that any and all models who shoot for this site are not only IRL smokers, but really "in" to the whole thing, probably being real life submissives to Smoke Mistress.     

August 03, 2006

Bobbi Billard Smokes...

bobbi billard smokingBobbi Billard is a well known internet fitness/adult entertainer who has a very popular website at Bobbi Billard .com . I don't know that she is a regular or IRL smoker, but she does have a couple of very provactive smoking related sets out there on the web. Well, for whatever that is worth, she does seem to be really inhaling and exhaling. Can't be too picky here, guys, still a very good smoking model, no matter how often or seldom she does it.  

August 01, 2006

The Beauty of the Thick Exhale...

girl blowing thick exhaleneeds no extra pump from me on this blog. To me, its the best part of being a smoking fan. You know, the anticipation of seeing a good looking woman holding a cigarette or about to receive a light, the buildup when she takes that drag, especially if it is a deep drag for what is going to be a really, really deep inhale, and then the final part of the reward is seeing the thick exhale. Its all good, of course, whether its in real life, a pic, or a video.

If it is in a pic, then you really want to see a well lit exhale, you know the lighting is perfect when the smoke seems to glow against the background, like it does in the pic I have on this blog, you know that it is a first class job of lighting.

Some of the sites I talk about on this blog are very good with lighting the exhales: Coherent Light, Lady Madonna, Smoking Rachel, and Random Snaps all do a very good job of this. Believe me, I'm looking really hard, too.      

Ashley Olsen Smokes...

ashley olsen smokingand, apparently, so does her twin, Mary-Kate. It seems that the famous twins fall into the category of "no, no, I don't smoke...", but there are all kinds of pics floating artound the internet of both of them smoking, like the candid pic on this post.

I'm not really that familiar with their work, I never saw an episode of the Full House show that, I guess, made them famous.

But, I do know that if they both keep inhaling and exhaling away often enough to be captured in pics or on video, their fame will continue for a legion of female celebrity smoking fans.