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The Smoking Muscle Girl...

smoking muscle girlis relatively rare in smoking pics and videos on sites on the 'net. Me, I kind of like things that you don't see very often and one of the things that I like about the smoking fetish is to see women smoking in either situations where you wouldn't think they would be smoking or the type of woman you wouldn't expect to be smoking...such as an athlete.

I don't know, its just something about that, even if a woman is an occassional smoker or doesn't smoke all of the time, it gives it a little something extra. For me, 2 pack-a-day Mary hacking away outside the factory on break time just doesn;t do it for me.

I was able back in the days when I was in search of custom smoking videos to get two muscle girls to do one for me, Colette Nelson and Heather Policky. I'm not sure if their sites are still up or not-itss been a couple of years-but they both did well and I got the impression they were closet or sometime smokers.

Of course, some of you maybe turned off by the whole muscle girl thing anyway, but that is just another thing that is up to the individual taste of the viewer.

To me, a buffed out muscle/fitness girl who smokes-and is good looking of course-kind of hits on all of the main cylinders. I'm sure there are other muscle/fitness models on the net who smoke and keep it quiet, so to speak, let me know if you find any.


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