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July 31, 2006

Update Coming This Week to the Main Site...

girl french inhalingLook for about 30-40 new pics and possibly a new gallery or two  on the main site of Best Smoking Sites. Also, I have received some new sample clips that I will be posting on the blog for links as well.

One of the galleries on the main site is one for Smoking Videos, a British site, that has today's blog pic. I really like the what they do with their pics, they do a wonderful job of capturing the smoke of the model's exhales. I wish there were more pics available, and the site seems to be gradually going more to emphasize the porn/adult aspect than just the straight smoking aspect.

Which is fine for some people, but to me, you go elsewhere for porn, if that is what you want, and you go to a smoking site for smoking, because you are just not going to find the emphasis on that anywhere else. Just my opinion.      

More Love for Megan from Coherent Light...

I posted a while back about Coherent Light and my favorite model from that site, Megan, and after that post I came across this pic that pretty much tells it all as to why I think she was the best model and smoker ever from that site, which is saying something because all of the Colight models are serious and accomplished smokers.  I just think Megan was the best.  busty girl nostril exhaling smoke

July 29, 2006

Taylor Wane Smokes...

taylor wane and jenna jameson smoking

and she does it very well, although she know says she only smokes for shoots. If you don't know who Taylor Wane is, she is English and a former Penthouse model who was an adult star in the 80's and 90's and is now one of the more successful adult entertainment webmistresses. Her site caters to all the across the board action/fetishes, boy-girl, lots of girl-girl, and everything else. But, happily for some of us,  she also has more than just a sampling of smoking related material.

A few years ago, Taylor was kind enough to do a custom video for me, with her and Mary Jane doing a skit that included lots of smoking. Taylor said that she used to be a heavy smoker, but only does it now for shoots and videos. Well, she was certainly good enough for me and, the last time I checked her site, she offers custom videos and specifically lists smoking fetish as one of the things that she is willing to do for her fans. 

In the pic that decorates this post, that's Taylor on the right (in a wig) blowing smoke near the face of, I think, Jenna Jameson.    

July 28, 2006

Kate Winslet: Smoking Queen...

kate winslet smoking and she needs no introduction or hype for anyone who is a fan of smoking female celebrities and, yes, she has been honored on this blog before.

But, she is arguably the most accomplished and most unapologetic female celeb smoker right now, with several awesome movie smoking credits to her name (you've got to see the talking exhale in Jude to believe it) as well as countless smoking pics on the 'net in places like smoking sides and smoking celebrities.   


She is also an in real life smoker to the point of almost being a chain smoker, based on what I have read. But, she doesn't seem to be in danger of getting into the hacking-chain-smoker thing and still looks great in every clip or pic that I have seen her smoking. 

July 27, 2006

A Coherent Light Model...

blonde woman open mouth inhalenamed Megan was one of my favorites , no my favorite, at that site. She had several videos,  I'm sure all of her movies are still available, but I don't know if you can get the older ones on DVD, or just VHS.

She only did a handful, but they were all top quality, in my book. She had some of the deepest inhales and thickest exhales that I had ever seen, and in her smoke rings video, she seemd to blow thick, creamy rings forever. Fans who aren't aware of Megan from colight should go to the site and check out her work, although I don't think she does any more modeling, her pics and videos are still there to enjoy.   

July 26, 2006

The Smoking Schoolgirls....

two school girls smoking

theme is certainly a familiar one for smoking fans who surf the net regularly. For me, it captures the innocent smoking angle, though the models themselves can't be of real school age. Also, it satisfies the desire to see more than one smoking female at a time. I also think that, for many of us, who realized that we had this attraction at an early age, a smoking school girl theme takes many of us back to the first time we realized that this was a major attraction...school. I bet that, other than maybe movies, this is the most likely place/time when smoking fans realized they had the fetish.

The pic on this blog is from Coherent Light, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, smoking site on the internet. Their photography and videography are excellent, and all of the models are serious smokers. The have an inventory that goes back a decade, so there are plenty of tapes to order and plenty of content in the member's area. I know that they have had some customer service issues of late, however, with the webmaster having a serious illness. So, you might want to shoot him an email before joining or ordering anything. I have nothing but good to say about the service I received when I last ordered from them, but that has been a while and my understanding is the delayed orders have been more recent and related to the health of the owner.

I could do without the fem/dom/male emphasis myself, but there is plenty there for serious smoking fans and, there is no doubt that each and every model is a very serious smoker.  

July 25, 2006

Jennifer Lopez Smokes...

jennifer lopez smoking even though, apparently, she has made a big fuss in the past about being a non-smoker, but the pics on the web and her smoking in movies such as The Cell pretty much put that to bed for me.

I know not everybody agrees, but I have the school of thought that says either you smoke, or you don't smoke. And, even though some of our celeb beauties want, for whtever reason, for us to  not believe our own eyes, its pretty hard when you see a pic like this one, of Lopez dragging pretty heavy on a cigarette in a candid setting, to buy the "I don't smoke in real life" line.

So, add Jennifer Lopez to your list of smoking female celebrities in this non-smoking culture we live in.  

July 24, 2006

Smoking-Models Website....

two girls smokinghas changed its look and, if what I hear is true, is under new management. This is another British site with excellent pics and video for download.

Previoulsy, I blogged that the only problem that I had with this site is that, in their descriptions of what they are selling, they did not tell you how much time the package lasts, instead relying on the description of how many MB's are contained. This seems to have been rectifiled, however, and I like the new look of the site, complete with new samples in WMV that, I think, really help.

The site still caters only to the smoking fetish, with no nudity or porn, although, as you can see by the pic I used on this blog, they have nothing against sexy poses. Which is good.

I'm going to be checking out smoking-models a little bit more with its new look. Also, like some of the other really good smoking sites out there, its apparent that they put a premium on getting good looking smoking models for their shoots.Yes, this is subjective, but you know what I mean. Its clear that they are not trying to find just any multi pack smoking/hacing female for the videos and I think this makes it a site worth keeping an eye on...not to mention bookmarking.

July 23, 2006

Monica Bellucci Smokes...

monica bellucci smoking

So she is in both categories of smoking celebs, as she is both an actress and a model. All I know is that she has the kind of sultry beauty that, personally, I really like in my smoking celebrities. She seems to be in real life as well, jusdging from what I'de read on the 'net, her preferred brand of cigarettes seem to be Merits, and and there does not seem to be be any question that she is in real life as well. Based on what I've found on the 'net, her preferred brand is Merits.

She fits in both the main categories of females smoking celebrities, being both a model and an actress. There are quite a few smoking pics of her floating around as well. I choose this paticular one because its nice and in black and white, which adds to the aura of the smoking model, in my opinion.

July 22, 2006

Smoking Rachel Site's New Model

penthouse pet smokingWell, Smoking Rachel has come through on her promise to me and, yes, she has done another smoking shoot with another Penthouse model, this time October centerfold and Pet of the Year candidate Melissa Jacobs.

I understand that some of Melissa's content will be in Rachel's VIP Room for her members and her clip store within a day.


Word to the wise is that Melissa is definitely an in real life smoker who takes deep, deep drags and smoked up a storm. I've gotta see that. 

July 20, 2006

The Smoking Muscle Girl...

smoking muscle girlis relatively rare in smoking pics and videos on sites on the 'net. Me, I kind of like things that you don't see very often and one of the things that I like about the smoking fetish is to see women smoking in either situations where you wouldn't think they would be smoking or the type of woman you wouldn't expect to be smoking...such as an athlete.

I don't know, its just something about that, even if a woman is an occassional smoker or doesn't smoke all of the time, it gives it a little something extra. For me, 2 pack-a-day Mary hacking away outside the factory on break time just doesn;t do it for me.

I was able back in the days when I was in search of custom smoking videos to get two muscle girls to do one for me, Colette Nelson and Heather Policky. I'm not sure if their sites are still up or not-itss been a couple of years-but they both did well and I got the impression they were closet or sometime smokers.

Of course, some of you maybe turned off by the whole muscle girl thing anyway, but that is just another thing that is up to the individual taste of the viewer.

To me, a buffed out muscle/fitness girl who smokes-and is good looking of course-kind of hits on all of the main cylinders. I'm sure there are other muscle/fitness models on the net who smoke and keep it quiet, so to speak, let me know if you find any.

July 19, 2006

A Little Talk About Suze Randall...

woman smoking with holderwhich is probably the best site out there in representing the smoking fetish in glamour, of all of those sites who are not smoking only. I have been a member of Suze' site off and on, and my main thing as far as the smoking portion of the site goes is that Suze does not update her smoking section with new content as often as you'd like.

But, when it comes to quality of models and videography, its hard to beat her site, if it can be beat at all. For twenty bucks, you get a good amount of smoking material, although it is always in conjunction with some other theme. I don't know if there is enough content for the hardcore smoking fan, and, like I said, I don't think there is enough new content to satisfy  most of us. You might want to join for a month and see what you think.        

July 18, 2006

Another Smoking Penthouse Girl...

penthouse pet smokingis rumored to be coming to Smoking Rachel's site very soon. Rachel scored her first coup with a Penthouse Pet a couple of months ago with Layla, pictured on the left.

Rachel tells me that October Penthouse Cover girl Melissa Jacobs is scheduled to shoot  with Rachel sometime soon. Like Layla, Melissa is an in real life smoker and Rachel tells me that she is looking to do an even better job of videography with her top tier models.

Well, it seems lile Rachel is doing just fine as it is, and if she keeps getting smoking Penthouse models, she can count on the readers of this blog hearing about it, that's for sure. Rachel has promised me some vidcaps of Melissa to post here as soon as she shoots with her, so keep your eyes peeled.       


July 17, 2006

Carmen Electra Smokes...

carmen electra smokingand there does not seem to be much doubt about it. I knew she had done a cover pose or something for Cigar Glamour a while back, but most times you can't take that seriously as to whether or not a female celeb is actually an in real life smoker. But, I've recently found enough pics of good old Carmen on the net for me to put her in the in real life smokers category.

Of course, some of you may have already known that, but sometimes I'm a little slow on the take. For those of us who like our female smokers busty and beautiful, I don't know how you can get any better than Ms. Electra. Check out the smoking celebrities site for more pics and a list of where you might catch her smoking on video.      

July 16, 2006

A little love for Random Snaps...

woman smoking on the street

As I've said many times before on this blog, the guys at Random Snaps  have some of the best videograohy out there on their site. I love pics like this one. Though it is no doubt "staged", its got that candid flavor while still doing a great job of capturing the exhale. In fact, on this point, as well as their variety of models. I think they are among the best.  

July 15, 2006

Girls Blowing Smoke...

two girls exhaling cigarette smokein each other's faces is always a site to see. I know that some are real big fans of the "smoke in the face"/dom thing, whether its a woman or man on the receiving end. I like that o.k., but in the rare times when you get two girls blowing their exhales towards each other, what more could you ask for? Even if its not the classic "domination" thing, the sexual smokey innuendo is always there.  

July 14, 2006

Another New Smoking Model...

girl nostril exhaling cigar smokeisup and at in Smoking Rachel's VIP Club.Her name is Lorie and she is a gregarious blonde model who seems to have a new  found love for cigars, as she smoked them primarily in her clips for Rachel.

As you can tell from the pic, Lorie inhales her cigars and I am such a sucker for cigar nostril exhales that it was no question which one of Rachel's pics of Lorie that I was going to use for this post.

Also, look for Lorie to have some of her clips selling in packages apart from Rachel's main site. 


July 12, 2006

Another Cigar Nostril Exhale picture...

woman smoking cigar

 they are so rare that I almost always copy and paste or post them here on the blog when I find them floating around cyberspace. A great place to find good cigar smoking pics is at Angel's Smoking Archive, which is where I found this pic. Happy hunting!

July 08, 2006

Two Smoking Women...

two women smoking

is about the only thing better than a beautiful smoking woman. I just love the pics and few videos out there on the net that show two women smoking together. The pic in this blog looks like a Random Snaps one to me,  though I'm not sure. They do probably one of the best jobs of showing the dual smoking women theme of most of the smoking fetish sites out there.

Of course, there is

is about the only thing that beats seeing one beautiful woman smoking. This pic is from Random Snaps, who do about as good a job as anyone in capturing the two women smoking phenomena. Its seems like there is way more of an opportunity of seeing two women smoking together for all you candid/in real life fans than some other subcategories of this niche, such as double pumps, multiples, etc.

 It just seems to me that, most times when I'm trying to steal a glance at two smoking women in a candid setting, you don't get the pleasure-usually-of seeing them both exhale at the same time. (Makes sense because they are usually talking to each other) So, this is one part of the niche that I much prefer with smoking models. When its done well, its hard to beat.    

July 07, 2006

The Thick Exhale, Always....

bride exhaling cigarette smokeand forever my favorite thing about watching good looking women smoke. The thicker the better, the prettier the girl, the better.

I know other guys get into the brand of cigarette/cigar smoked, but that is not important for me and, while I like to see smoking tricks and things like that, if she is exhaling a thick plume of smoke, what more can you really ask for?  

July 05, 2006

Smoking Cinema Site

brunette french inhalingThere is a newer site out there, smokingcinema, that is going to focus just on selling full length smoking dvds and also downloads.

Right now there are smoking rachel dvds and clips there, I also hear that Visualsmoke might be interested. So, maybe it can be a one stop shop for smoking glamour/fetish dvds. I'll keep you posted.   

July 03, 2006

Updated Galleries on the main site

busty brunette smoking

There has been a long needed update to the galleries page of the main site. I know its been a long time since new pics were posted, but time has a way of slipping away, you know? Anyway, there are about a dozen new pics of some of Rachel's best new smoking models, like the one of Kristen that is decorating this post. Look for me to update the galleries no less than once a month from here on out, we can't be going a couple of months without new pics, now can we?  

July 02, 2006

Cigar Inhaling Women...

woman inhaling cigarI blogged a few times way back about my personal affinity for women who smoke cigars, particularly when they inhale them. Of course, even though you can easily find a ton of pics on the net and in popular culture with models posing with a cigar, or even chomped between their teeth, for those of us who need them to be really smoking, legitimate cigar vids and pics are few and far between.  

The pic I found and chose to decorate this post is one of those rare ones, from a Coherent Light video from back in the nineties, which I owned. The video is called "Cigars" and features three models who basically smoke their cigar while inhaling and, in one case, making small talk. the girl in the pic was the last and the best, in my opinion. She did no talking, but some serious inhales and exhales, including about a dozen nostril exhales like the one captured in the pic. Awesome. I don't know if the vid is still available, but you definitely want to check out the site if you are into serious cigar smoking, you won't be disappointed, even if it is still only available on VHS.