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June 28, 2006

Eva Herzigova Smokes...

eva herzigova smokingI did a post some weeks back on the high numbers of supermodels who are smokers, included pics of Namoi Cambell and others.

Well, it seems that we can add Eva Herzigova to that list. Seems there are more than a few pics of her floating around the smoking pic net universe, this one was my favorite, a classic candid pose in black * white.  

June 26, 2006

Smoking Multiple Cigarettes

girl smoking three cigarettesI guess it makes sense that, for those of us who are smoking fans, the only thing that is more alluring than the sight of a hot woman smoking a cigarette is if she is smoking two-or three- at the same time.

I don't think we see very much of this depicted on most of the smoking sites that I am aware of, I know Coherent Light has done some multiple stuff in the past as has Smoking Rachel. Its probably hard enough to get smoking models who know what they are doing and meet other crieteria without having to try to convince them to smoke two or more cigarettes at one time.

For me, it helps a lot with multiple smoking if the girl is really smoking them like she would smoke just one cigarette instead of two or more. The special holders I have seen in some pictures don't do a whole lot for me, maybe its just too artificial. And, if the model is just smoking one while holding the other in her off hand, then alternating drags, it does not have the same effect as a true multiple smoking scene/pic. But, that's just my opinion.    

June 25, 2006

The Wafting Exhale....

brunette smoking a cigarOne of the more alluring types of exhales that I have found while looking at smoking glamour and fetish sites in my time surfing the net is the wafting exhale, particularly when practiced to perfection by a beautiful female smoker who is actually inhaling.

The pic on the left is of Leah, one of Smoking Rachel's newer models, and comes from a set where she is smoking cigars. So, the smoke is even thicker than normal and she plays that wafting exhale to perfection. 

June 24, 2006

The attractiveness of the lightup...

woman smokingThe lightup just might be the sexiest part of watching any beautiful woman smoke, although its certainly hard to say or to single out one aspect of the fetish.

There is no question that the lightup itself is the primary thing for many smoking fetishers, whether its enough to be a large percentage or whether its yet another sub-category of a niche fetish, I don't know.

But, I do know that, in many cases, the woman is never inhaling more deeply or smoking more intensely than she is at the lightup phase, also, it may be that the beginning of the smoking of the cigarette is more exciting because of all of the promise it brings.

Who knows? I don't claim to have the answer, of course, but I do know that many of the best and most appealing smoking pics out there feature the lightup, probably more than any other portion of the female smoking experience other than the candid holding pics, and much more prevalent than my favorite, the exhale.

How about you, are you a lightup fan? And, if so, does it matter if its match or lighter or even cigarette to cigarette? So many questions...so little time.   


June 20, 2006

Lisa Lipps: Big Bust Smoking Queen

lisa lipps smokingI'm a little partial to pics and videos of big breasted smokers, and adult star Lisa Lipps is cleary the best of that narrowly defined part of the niche.

She has her own website, and is obviously an in real life smoker. There are tons of pics of her smoking on smokingsides.com and smokingcelebs.com. 

The breasts may be fake, but the long thick exhales are definitely real. One time, a few years back, I emailed her about doing a custom smoking fetish video and she replied and said she would, but that she was so busy it would be a while, and it kind of died on the vine there.

But, who knows, maybe some smoking video producer out there could persuade Ms. Lipps to bring her considerable smoking talents to the forefront of a video that focuses primarily on her smoking assets.

June 19, 2006

Kirsten Dunst Smokes....

kirsten dunst smokingYep, the cute little girl from Interview with a Vampire and Peter Parker's girl friend in Spiderman is not only a smoker, but a pretty dedicated in real life smoker to boot.

There are lots of pics of her smoking available on the web, the one I chose to adorn this post is the only one I could find with her exhaling, actually exhaling is fairly rare in candid celeb pics, so I decided to go with it.

I'm unaware of any movies that she has good smoking scenes in, but maybe someone will clue me in, or maybe she doesn't smoke onscreen to preserve her goody two shoes image.

Who knows, but I bet for a lot of smoking fans, her image is just fine as it is.  

June 18, 2006

Cool French Inhale Sighting....

woman french inhalingOf course, since you know I do this blog, you will not be surprised that I generally prefer good, high res pics or video of women smoking, preferably actresses/models or girls of that caliber.

But, every once in a while, I see where the "candid guys" are coming from. Earlier this weekend I was in a restaurant/bar having some wings and looking at ESPN when I noticed this young woman chatting with her girlfriend and smoking her Newports...nothing earth shaking there, but this gal was doing thick, creamy french inhales after every drag. It was almost like she was doing a candid custom smoking fetish video for a french inhale lover.

Yep, pretty good. Unfortunately, she only smoked one cigarette as she and her friend ate and then left immediately after...yes, I was watching out of the corner of my eye. Well worth it, though, as there is almost nothing sexier than a slow, thick french inhale...at least that's what I think. 

June 17, 2006

A New Smoking Site...

big bust blonde smokingIts called Smoking Cinema and its yet another new thing from the energetic Rachel of Smoking Rachel notoriety.

Rachel tells me that this site will feature only full length smoking dvds, region free coding so they should work fine for international customers.

As of right now, there are about 4 or 5 full length DVDs for sale at the new site, Rachel says more will be added soon and that she is going to try to "recruit" other producers to make their DVD products available there, too.


So, if you are a Smoking fetish movie producer, or just want to make one video, you might want to talk to Rachel about the possibility of having your movie(s) up on smoking cinema for purchase. 

Also, right now Rachel also has available there memeberships and clip packages of herself and some of her smoking models. She tells me that she is working on pay per minute downloadable smoking movies as well. So, there is yet another new smoking site out there for all of you to check out. Let me know what you think. 

June 16, 2006

Britney Spears Smokes...

britney spears smokingAlthough this is not a huge revelation to those of you who surf the net on a regular basis looking for smoking pics of celebs. Ms. Spears has hundreds of pics that you can look at/download at Smoking Celebrities. Most of them are of the candid variety, like the inhaling picture on the post.

Those of you, like me, who prefer to see the clear, crisp, glamour posed type pictures will have to look a bit harder. But, she is definitely an in real life smoker, no question about that. It seems that she had tried to deny this for a while, so maybe candid photos are all we are likely to see out of this celebrity. 

June 15, 2006

Kate Beckinsale Smokes...

kate beckinsale smokingKate Beckinsale, who is emerging as a female action hero with recent roles in such movies as Undergound Revolution, is apparently a dedicated near chain smoking Englishwoman in the way of Kate Winslet.

Smoking Sides has more than the usual share of Kate smoking, including the pic I have posted here on the left, but as of now, I am not sure of her smoking performances, if any, in any movies to this point. However, I have only seen here in the action roles and Pearl Harbor , and none of those roles was conducive to a smoky performance.

I'm one of those fans who doesn't really need/want the beautiful woman to be too addicted to the habit or smoke like a chimney, but if she is a Kate Beckinsale type star, I can look the other way, maybe in hopes that I may see a candid shot of an exhale on the street, just like this pic. 

June 14, 2006

The Seductiveness of the Nostril Exhale

blonde girl nostril exhale

Is there anything more sensual to a fan of female smoking than a thick stream of smoke billowing out of a beautiful lady's nostrils? I don't think so, but it is something that has to be done right to make it max effective. I mean, there is nothing seductive if she is snorting the smoke out like a bull.

I don't know, its almost like it means the fire is internal or something, at least to me. I think the best nostril exhale I have ever seen on screen was from Kate Winslet in Jude. It was actually a combo nostril/talking exhale. I've seen some good ones in real life as well, particularly in bars or clubs, maybe its because the girls inhale more deeply or womething if they are drinking, I don't know.

If you are going to do it ladies, just make sure you do it right. And thank you very much.

June 13, 2006

Some Random Smoking Thoughts...

blonde girl inhalingIt does seem like some of the more established smoking sites have gone through some major changes, if not shut down operations recently.

Smoking Erotica, Specialized Videos, Colight, and Lady Madonna have all either had some extended periods of down time or, in the case of Smoking Erotica, are closing down. Not sure what this means, but there does seem to be some newer or less well hyped sites out there who are coming along. Its interesting to see what the ever changing nature of the web does to smoking content producers and their sites...will we see even more go to a more adult flavor? I don't know, but as long as there is new and quality content coming out, I'm good.

Along those lines, there is yet another new smoking model at Smoking Rachel's site, as pictured on the left of this blog. Her name is Becca and I hear she drags pretty hard on her Camels, which seems to be true if the pic is an accurate indicator.      

June 12, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Smokes/Lady Madonna Update...

lindsey lohan smokingThe pic on the left is one I found on the 'net that purports to be Lindsay Lohan smoking. I say purports 'cuz, entertainment buff that I am, I am not familiar with any of her movies nor am I even sure what she looks like, though I certainly have heard of her and know that her image is supposed to be that of the "clean cut" young woman, which is supposed to make her smoking all the more surprising in the manner of Alicia Silverstone, Britney Spears, etc...

This weekend saw the launch Lady Madonna's new "sister" site, Lady Madonna Undercover, which will be an "R" rated version of that excellent smoking glamour site. I surfed by to check it out and, though it is starting small, looks like it wilh showcase the same high quality pics that Lady Madonna has been known for. The prices for membership are slightly higher and, as of now, there is only one model showcased in the new site. But, for those of you who need a little nudity with your smoking females, it would seem that this will fit the bill.

We will have to stay tuned as the new Lady Madonna site develops and adds more content and more models.

June 11, 2006

Juliette Lewis: Smoking Queen

juliette lewis smokingThis a no brainer entry to the fictional smoking queen Hall of Fame. Juliette Lewis is obviously an in real life smoker and has several smoking scenes in many movies.

For me, her smoking performance in Natural Born Killers, alone, is enough to rank her near the top. Although her role is far from glamorous, her vicious smoking scenes ooze with sensuality in the film, particularly the jail scene with Tom Sizemore, where she smokes as if her life depends on it, blowing some of the best combo exhales and thick smoke rings that I have ever seen.

If you are a smoking fan and have not seen this movie, you owe it to yourself to pick it up...I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. 

Otherwise, Ms. Lewis has more than her fair share of smoking pics and vids floating around the web, just drop by smoking celebrities

June 08, 2006

New Galleries Coming on the Main Site

blonde girl smokingThere will be new galleries of smoking models posted on the main site soon, with real smoking pictures like the one on the left of this post with smoking model Lyndsey.

From now on ,there will be regular updates in the form of new pictures and galleries. I am working on a script that will allow anyone to upload pictures, which seems to work much better than email, of course.

The only requirements are that the pictures are of females, of legal age, non-nude, and actually smoking. No fakes, please. I think its time that there is a new archive of smoking pics on the 'net, the ones we have are great, but some of those pics are so old...there is always fresh material, or there should be, out there to satisfy the smoking fetishist. 

June 07, 2006

Winona Ryder Smokes...

winona ryder smokingIts well known to smoking fans who surf the net and readers of gossip magazines that Winona Ryder is a regular smoker.

According to smokingsides.com, she smokes about a pack a day and has several listings for smoking scenes in her movies.

I have not actually seen a Winona smoking moment on screen, but there are several dozen good smoking pics, including some black and whites, of her floating around in cyberspace.

So, add this one to your celeb list, if you did not already know, and maybe with increased "smoketivity" onscreen Winona Ryder may take the next step to being an unquestioned smoking queen.

June 06, 2006

Smoking Erotica Site Set to Close

brunette girl smokingI read on a smoking related board that the long standing site  of Smoking Erotica is going to stop accepting orders and shut down on July 15.

As usual, there is not a lot of info coming from that site, such as whether its PG sister site, Smoking Models will remain open. But, those of you familiar with the higher quality of work of the previous VSI and who like adult content with your smoking material may want to get over there and check out the dvds remaining for sale within the next couple of weeks.

P.S. This blog's pic is from Cinesmoke, another site that has closed its doors recently.   

June 05, 2006

Another New Model at Smoking Rachel.com

busty brunette smokingIt looks like Smoking Rachel has added yet another young smoking beauty to her growing stable of smoking models.

Rachel tells me that this new model is named Kristen, and pics of her can be found on Rachel's homepage, clips in her VIP Room, and downloadable clips in Rachel's smoking clip store

It seems that Kristen is just an occassional smoker, but from the pics I saw its clear that she "gets it", so to speak. she is also a dancer who has worked as a cheerleader for both a professional football and hockey team. Keep it up, Rachel...keep finding us these interesting new smoking models...and don't forget to bring back some of the previous ones, too! 

June 02, 2006

Model Suzi Smokes

blonde model smokingSmoking Rachel's site recently featured actress/model Suzi, who as appeared in many magazines and movies as an actress.

Apparently, Suzi is not a regular smoker, having given up the habit, but was willing to indulge the "vice" for video and pics for a shoot with Smoking Rachel.

Rachel  has a clip package store with a package of Suzi's clips available for purchase and download, and Rachel indicates that she thinks  that she and Suzi will work together again in the future.

Suzi has her own website, and is now focusing her energy on her acting career, already having appeared in several B horror films. Hopefully, we might all get some video or pics of Suzi as a smoking model, so when she blows up big in Hollywood, we don't have to rely on a brief smoking role in a major movie or a paparazzi pic! I also have a link to a Suzi sample clip on the Links portion of this blog. 

June 01, 2006

A Change at Lady Madonna...

two girls smoking

Well, maybe its not a change, but it does seem  that the very classy smoking website  Lady Madonna will soon have a related site, which will feature nudity. You can see  some info on the change on their homepage. Apparently, the other site will be avialable later this month.

Whether you need or want nudity with your smoking or not, there should not be much doubt that the high quality pictures and beautiful models, such as the one I posted with this entry will accompany Lady Madonna with its new vision. Just so I'm clear, there wasn't any indication that they are going to shut down their PG site.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with, I'm sure I will blog about that site when its up and running.