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May 27, 2006

More Sarenna Lee Smoking...

sarenna lee smokingJust thought that some of you big bust smoking lovers would not mind another pic of Sarenna Lee smoking too much.

In fact, there are quite a few pics like this of her smoking at Angels Smoking Archive ,

which is where I found this last pic. There is also a website with her name, but I don't think she actually runs it or has anything to do with it. In fact, I'm not sure she is still modeling, so you might want to keep that in mind before you decide to join a website in hopes that you can talk her into doing a custom smoking video for you.   

Smoking Fiction...Lucky Bellhop

2 busty girls smokingWill, the bellhop, knocked on the door of room 2341 as he stood by the cart of special order room service food he had pushed over to the door of this usite.

He waited for a minute...no answer. He knocked again and thought he heard some giggling coming from 2341. "Its open, honey", came a deep, sultry feminine voice from the room.

Will opened the door and smelled the thick scent of cigarette smoke coming from around the corner of the large room. As he pushed the cart carrying the plates of scallops and wine into the opening where the bed was, the smell of smoke was even stronger and Will saw, to his shock, two extremely busty blonde women, each dressed in provactive lingerie, were smoking and cavorting on the bed.

Will was a secret smoke fetishist, but this was the best in real life thing he had ever seen. He tried to play it off and stammered "Uhh, here is...here is the food you, uh..the food..."

The blonde on Will's left in the dark blue nightie blew out a stream of smoke towards him and said, "That's fine, honey, just leave it there for us, we're probably going to eat...later."  Her friend, a powder bulue nightie barely covering her ample chest, dragged hard on her cigarette, and said through a talking exhale, "We need to tip him, babe", and she finished her sentence with a stream of smoke coming out of her nostrils.

"Oh, yeah", said the blonde on the left. "Uh, where is my purse...sorry, honey, I don't have any pockets on this old thing." She giggled as she looked at Will.

Will said, "Oh, that's o.k., don't get up or anything..."

"Is there something else we might be able to tip you with?" asked the blonde in powder blue.

"Yeah, I think he likes to watch", said her friend, as she blew a plume of smoke up in the air over her girlfriend's head.

"Oh, uh, no...sorry", stammered Will. "I'll just..."

"Do you like what you see, honey?" asked Powder Blue bonde seductively.

Will was overwhelmed with the remarkable smoking scene that was unfolding before him. Not one, but two, big busted and smoking babes.

"Uh, yeah...I mean, well..."

"O.k., tell you what, dear", said Dark Blue blonde, "I'm going to do my girlfriend here while we each have a smoke, then we'll eat...and you can watch...deal?"

"Deal", answered Will as he felt weak in his knees. This was going to be the best tip he ever had...  

Memories of a Custom Smoking Video...

busty blonde smokingThe gal on the left once did a custom smoking fetish video for me...I'd say about six or seven years back...

At the time, she had a website up and her "name" was Plenty Topp. I was new to the whole online fetish thing but, figured, what the hell? I wrote her and she agreed to do it and she did...I think it cost me a couple of hundred bucks and was about a half hour long.

She did exactly what I asked and the video turned out real good. I haven't seen it for years, as the ex kept it after the divorce (don't ask), and I'm not sure if Ms. Penty is still on the web or if she has another name, but, when seeing this pic recently at Angel's Smoking Archive, it did bring back a nice memory of a real life smoker who did my first ever custom smoking video.    

Vanessa Del Rio Smokes....

vanessa del rio smokingLegendary porn star Vanessa Del Rio is one of those who have made a "transition" to mainstream recognition, and still is out there in the "public eye" well into her middle age years.(I believe she had an appearance as herself on "NYPD" or "LAW & ORDER" a couple of years back...not sure, didn't see it, just heard about it...correct me if I'm wrong ) 

I do not know that she is an in real life smoker, as she seems to be a fitness buff, but there are 1 or 2 pics, at least, of her smoking and doing it in a very, very, sultry and alluring way, such as the pic I found at Angels Smoking Archive here on the left.

She also has a website on the web, and there is always the possibility that there are smoking pics/video there, although I have never had a membership, so I cannot endorse or point you there (not that you listen to anything I have to say, anyway, which is smart on your part) Sometimes, for me, seeing a pic or video of a female celebrity smoking, when she is not known to be a smoker or such pics are rare, kind of adds to the allure, as in the case of Vanessa Del Rio.

Of course, the pic has to be a good one, and this one fits the bill. 

May 26, 2006

Big Breasted Smokers...

big boob smoker

Sarenna Lee was one of the more popular big bust models of the 90's and several of her pic sets contained pictures of  her smoking.

She obviously was an in real life smoker who has a good number of pics you can see at smoking celebrities

I'll keep posting pics of noted big bust smokers, or even anonymous ones. I'm partial to exhale pics, come to think of it, I'm partial to seeing exhales in real life as well!

Let me know if you see or have any good big bust smoking pics you would like to see posted on this blog. You can email me here.   

May 24, 2006

A New Smoking Model....

blonde girl smokingis at Smokingrachel.com. Her name is Layla and, from the looks of her pics on Rachel's home page, she is one sultry smoker in addition to being a Paris Hilton lookalike.

Layla is a professional model who has been featured in both Playboy and Penthouse magazines, so she is quite a coup for Rachel.

Rachel had told me she was in the hunt to snag an upper level model and, its looks like she lived up to her word. Rachel says that Layla's pics and videos are coming real soon in her member's area and also at her clip store


May 23, 2006

Awesome Smoking Pic: Charlize Thereon

charlize theron smoking

May 20, 2006

Paris Hilton Smokes...

paris hilton smokingParis Hilton seems to be the embodiment of a person who is famous for being famous. I think she is a hot girl and all of that, budt I'm just not sure what all of this fuss is about. Having said that, for our purposes, it is nice to know that Paris is an unabashed smoker, at least according to Smoking Celebrities. In addition, Smoking from all sides has several pictures of her smoking, including the one I used for this post. Apparently, she is an in real life smoker that makes no real attempt to hide it and even joins many of us with the opinion that smoking is very seductive and erotic in some siatutions.

Contrast this to the smoking actresses who hide behind the "i'm smoking for my character but don't in real life" thing or the supermodels who hide behind the "I only smoke to keep from gaining weight thing" and its neat to know that old Paris has a real good idea of the effect her smoking has on some fans.

I could not find any exhaling pics of Paris, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Apparently, she smokes on her TV show, but I have never seen it and, no, even I can't go that far. I'll wait for the pics to hit the 'net.  

May 17, 2006

New Cigar Smoking Amateur Model

girl smoking a cigarI blogged the other day about what makes a quality smoking site and talked also about the  variety of models. Well, to my pleasant surprise, I found that Smoking Rachel has a new model who promises to be very productive in terms of smoking content, especially with cigars. 

Her name is Leah and she is pictured at the right in a vidcap from Rachel's home page from a cigar smoking clip that was shot recently. Rachel also tells me that Leah has some clips in her smoking clip store and will be shooting more with Rachel in the future.    

May 16, 2006

What Makes a Quality Smoking Site?

smoking in the bikiniThere are a lot of sites out there that either focus solely on smoking fetish or have a lot of smoking content.

What makes one good or better than another is subjective, of course, but to me one thing that is key is the quality of the videos/photographs. Its amazing how high quality videos online can be today, with WMV and DIVX.

Another thing is the quality of the lighting, which is critical to being able to enjoy the exhale as well as the model's face. Its not as easy as some might think, with just the right amount of backlighting and frontlighting, or just the right amount o natural light.

Next, to me, is the models themselves. Look, its different strokes for different folks, so there is no point in saying there is one particular look, although for an individual smokefan this might be true.


But, generally, a good smoking site has some variety of models, and they definitely should be proficient smokers, although with me its kind of a sliding scale, a little deficiency in one can be made up with outstanding performance in the other.


I think Lady Madonna, with their pic used for this post, is probably the best when it comes to variety of models, but keep your eye on Smoking Rachel, who has almost a dozen smoking models in less than a year of her video club and, I hear a rumor that there is a former Playboy Playmate on the near horizon.      

May 13, 2006

Shannon Doherty Smokes...

shannon doherty smokingShannon Doherty is probably the epitome of the 90's era TV "good-girl/bad-girl" with her good girl looks and aura and bad girl behavior. Or, maybe its more like "fun" girl. For those of us who are smoking fans, its good that Shannon is a serious in real life smoker who manages to be very attractive and mischievous while doing her smoking.


There are plenty of Shannon smoking pics available on the 'net, both from Smokingsides.com and, of course, smoking celebrities. 

I seem to remember reading a while back that Shannon had resolved to quit smoking, but I don't know if that was successful. Of all the 90210 girls, a show I never watched, it seems that most of them are smokers and, for my money, Shannon is the most sultry.  

May 12, 2006

Tracy Scoggins: Smoking Queen

tracy scoggins smokingTracy Scoggins is probably best known for her infomercials and top shelf body, even though she is past the half century mark. She has been in a lot of B movies, but the one of interest to smoking fans will be Alien Intruder , where she plays a seducitve, chain smoking alien creature who seduces the male members of the ship, then turns them against one another. She only appears in the last 10-15 minutes of the film, and there is no nudity, but you genuine smoking fans will not be disappointed as she smokes up the screen enough to earn an entry in the Smoking Queen hall of fame.

May 11, 2006

The Most Famous Smoking Pic of All Time

rita hayworth smokingIn my opinion, this is the most famous smoking glamour pic of all time. As most of you know, its Rita Hayworth in the studio publicity shot from the 1946 movie Gilda. 

As much as most people have seen this pic, I could not find it to post when I was blogging about Rita Hayworth a while back, but I just decided to post it now. 

Almost anyone with any knowledge of popular cultiure recognizies this picture, even though its from a little remembered movie made sixty years ago.

To me, it is the epitome of the allure of smoking, at least as its been developed by advertising and in the popular culture over the years. 

Alicia Silverstone Smokes...

alicia silverstone smoking

Alicia Silverstone has long had a ton of smoking pics available for smoking fans on the 'net, such as the incredible combo nostil/mouth exhale I posted just above. I actually have never seen her smoking in any movies, although I know there are several out there. The pic above is from a cable movie called Excess Baggage, where she apparently smokes in almost all of her scenes. Check out some of her very nice smoking pics at smoking celebrities.    

May 09, 2006

Big Bust Smokers....

alyssa alps smoking

I've blogged before about big breasted smokers, and its just a fascination of mine within the whole smoking fetish. Of course, attraction to women with large busts goes throughout our culture, so to me, its not surprising that many of us smoking fans really like to see our smoking models with substantial assets up top.

To me, it does not matter whether or not the endowment is natural or store-bought. And,I'm not just talking about webmistresses or Penthouse centerfolds, the in real life busty girls do it for me as well...I have a great memory of being in a bar/restaurant in Georgia, and seeing a busty women inhaling deeply on her cigarette as she sat at the bar...the combination of her smoking so well and being large chested was almost enough for me to forget about my dinner. Seeing her chest heave ever so slightly while she inhaled...well, you guys know how it goes.

The model who is pictured above is Alyssa Alps, who has a website and has been on the net for years. Although I do not know of any smoking videos that she has done (and I know for a fact that some Smoking Fetish producers have tried to recruit her), she does have a lot of smoking pictures floating around on the 'net, especially at smoking celebrities. They are pretty good as it is very obvious that she is an in real life smoker and does a pretty fair french inhale.       

May 08, 2006

Ava Gardner: Smoking Queen

ava gardner smokingAva Gardner was, without question, one of the premier film noir smoking queens. Her smoking performance in a movie called The Killers (which also featured a B actor named Ronald Reagan) is one that has to be in the smoking actress hall of fame, black and white hall of fame, and smoking exhale hall of fame.

Even those smoking fans who are not into old movies, like moi, should check out a copy of this on DVD if it is available. Fortunately, this movie is not the only one that Ava Garnder smoked up the screen in. Also see The Barefoot Contessa and Snows of Kilimanjaro.

May 07, 2006

Neat Nostril Exhales

redhead nostril exhaleI have always thought nostril exhales were especially sensual, although there are a lot of people, including some smoking models, who do not agree. The picture in this post is of smoking rachel, who has a good bit of nostril exhale material on her site and in her member's area.

Keep up the good work, ladies, and keep those slow,thick, sultry, nostril exhales flowing! 

May 06, 2006

Smoking Fiction: Alyssa Learns to Smoke

two girls smokingAlyssa was very excited about her new job, it was good money  and all the people there seemed real nice, especially Gayle, who worked in the cubicle right next to Alyssa.

Gayle was real friendly, talkative, and very helpful in showing Alyssa the ropes around the office. Gayle often invited Alyssa outside for her smoke breaks, as there was no smoking allowed in their building. Alyssa was a non-smoker, and she did feel kind of funny standing outside the building while Gayle smoked away for the 10 minute breaks, but Alyssa wanted to be nice since Gayle always invited her.

Some people around the office started to joke that Gayle and Alyssa were "twins", since they both had blonde hair and similar facial features.

One Friday, after another long, hectic week at the office, Gayle turned to Alyssa and said, "Hey, Lis, why don't you come over to my place tonight, we'll hang out, watch some movies, drink some wine, whatever, just take it easy?"

Alyssa, surprised by the invitation, didn't know what to make of it. She liked Gayle, of course, but she didn't know her very well and, if Gayle thought that were more than just work friends...

"Uh, o.k., why don't I drop by for a while, maybe around seven?"  

"Sure, sounds good."

Alyssa didn't know exactly what to think when she knocked on Gayle's apartment door that evening, but she was looking forward to hanging out with an interesting person who just might become a great friend outside of work.

When Gayle opened the door, Alyssa could immediately smell the smoke from Gayle's cigarette as is floated out of the door. Gayle was dressed in a black, sleeveless top and black slacks with no shoes. She had her cigarette in her left hand as she withdrew it and blew her exhale out past Alyssa's right ear.

Alyssa walked in and saw that Gayle did not keep the best house, so to speak. But, it was a nice apartment and Gayle did have a large plasma TV in her living room.

"I figured we could just order some take out", said Gayle.

"Sounds cool to me", said Alyssa as she settled down onto the sofa. She noticed that Gayle was closing the door and walking back into the apartment space, but as she did that, she was dragging on her cigarette hands free. Gayle sucked in a large amount of smoke and let it out through her nostrils very slowly.

Gayle noticed Alyssa looking at her and said, "I hope smoking doesn't bother you".

"Oh,no", started Alyssa, slightly embarrassed, "I just have...well, I've seen you smoke a lot before and..."

"You think its looks attractive?"

Alyssa, now really embarrassed, could only blush and shake her head unconvincingly. "Well, uhh, no...no..."

"Its o.k., Lis", interrupted Gayle, "I want it to look attractive and sexy, that's why I practice so much. Plus, I just love smoking."

Alyssa was wide eyed as Gayle eased down next to her on the sofa...real close.

Gayle said, "Would you like to learn how to smoke like me, Lis?" Gayle had dropped her voice down an octave lower and Alyssa's ears burned with embarrasment, but she quickly realized that Gayle was holding her cigarette right up next to Alyssa's mouth.

Alyssa tried to say something, but Gayle kept talking. "Go ahead, Lis, take a drag, just put your mouth on it and suck it in."

Before she knew what she was doing, previously non-smoking Alyssa had her mouth on Gayle's cigarette and drew in the acrid smoke in a rush, she drew back and tried to puff it right out, but it came out like she was spitting smoke.

Gsyle giggled and said, "O.K., that's o.k., for your first drag..."

"What am I doing wrong", asked Alyssa.

"Nothing, you just need to get used to it. Just suck in the smoke and then breathe." Gayle put her cigarette to Alyssa's mouth again and this time she took a little deeper drag, breathed in like Gayle had told her, and felt the smoke filling her mouth and lungs. She blew it out quickly, like before, but this time she noticed that it was in more of a stream, instead of  a puff.

"See, " said Gayle, "you're getting it, now you just have to keep practicing." Over the course of the next few minutes, Gayle kept feeding Alyssa her cigarette and Alyssa got progressively more efficient at blowing out thick streams of smoke. When Alyssa first cigarette was done, Gayle popped two more out of her pack and lit them at the same time, she drew in the double dose of smoke and let out a thick french inhale. She blew the remainer into Alyssa's open mouth and the lips of the firls touched briefly. Alyssa swallowed the smoke and blew it upwards as Gayle handed her the lit cigarette.

After all these years, Alyssa was now a smoker, she hadn't hardly coughed and already she loved it, she felt sexy and seductive.

"Gayle, are you going to teach me any smoking tricks?"

"Of course I am, Lis, of course I am", said Gayle as she leaned forward to blow another soft stream of smoke across Alyssa's lips.

"Gayle, are we going to smoke all night?"

Gayle flashed a wicked smile at Alyssa through the smoky air between them and said, "Oh, yeah, we're smoking all night, babe. You bet we are."                




the picture for this story was taken from the Random Snaps website 

May 05, 2006

Smoking Site: Smoking Heaven

busty blonde smokingI recently came across a smoking site called Smoking Heaven. I don't think it is a really new site, but I was not familiar with it. It is a paysite with photos and video for members, and it appears that is UK based, as most of the preview models are British, but the prices seem to be in USD.

There is definitely nudity, but there does not seem to be any hardcore porn. The pics and videos show very beautiful, often voluptuos, girls who seem to be real and sexy smokers. There is both cigarette and cigar action for those who enjoy that variety.

Anyone out there who know more about this site, or can comment on the potential benefits of membership, is welcome to comment. Thanks a buch for all the comments so far and keep them coming.

May 03, 2006

Kelly McGillis Smokes...

kelly mcgillis smokingOne of the more sultry screen smoking queens of the last twenty years or so has been, in my opinion, Kelly McGillis, who is also a very heavy IRL smoker, according to sources on the 'net.

Her entry at smokingsides.com indicates that she isin effect a chain smoker who refuses to quit. I'm generally not a fan of the women who are too heavy of smokers, hacking away all of the time, but then looking like Kelly McGillis sure helps that. Particularly, she has some wonderful smoking scenes in the older movies Babe and Cat Chaser . Its obvious she knows what she is doing and also obvious that she is aware that she looks glamorous while smoking, at least in the eyes of some of us :)    

May 02, 2006

Scarlett Johannson Smokes...

scarlett johannson smokingand does it very well, too, as her sultry smoky voice seems to indicate.

To me, she evokes memories of Smoking Queen legend Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not , possessing way more sensuality than someone should have at that young age.

I just saw Ms. Johannson in a movie called Match Point, where she does a fair amount of smoking, although the editing didn't favor us smoking fans too much with cuts away from the exhale on almost all occassions.

 Still, fans of dragging will not be disappointed and smoking fans need to make room for Ms. Johannson in their personal Hall of Fame Smoking Beauties.

The pic on the left is a still from the upcoming movie The Black Dahlia , the most current remake of one of the most famous unsolved crimes in U.S. history. I would be watching it for that reason alone, but now that I've been introduced to the smoking prowess of Scarlett Johannson, count me in among the first to see this flick when its released.