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April 30, 2006

Cigar Smoking Clips

aria giovanni smoking cigarGuys who like to see women smoking cigars are a distinct and loyal sub-category of the entire smoking fetish. Unfortunately, not many web smoking models specialize or even reasonably indulge, cigar smoking in clips.

Most of the cigar pics and clips we see are of models just holding or posing with cigars, often unlit. Any pictures or clips you will see on the main best smoking site will be of models actually smoking their cigars.

One site, in particular, has a lot of smoking pictures and clips in the member's area. Smoking Rachel has hours of cigar videos in her VIP room and dozens of cigar clips in her clip store for download.

Rachel always inhales her cigars, so its the real deal.

April 27, 2006

The Custom Smoking Video

taylor wane smokingSmoking glamour and fetish fans who are in search of smoking models who will do custom videos are familiar with what can be one of the most frustrating, or rewarding, adventures on the 'net.

Speaking from experience, there is a high, high likelihood of getting ripped off, waiting a very long time for your movie, or just being plain disappointed in the quality of the custom video.

On the other hand, when you do get one done that is just what you want, its perfect. I've gotten a few customs over the years, and paid between $200 and $800 for them, depending on length and other factors. Taylor Wane, pictured at left, did perhaps the best custom smoking video ever- of course I'm biased since it was for me-she did exactly what I wanted, the right length plus a little more. Now, it wasn't cheap, but its what I wanted. She is a very good smoker, although she does say she quit smoking years ago and only does it now for customs and pic sets. But, I was pleased. Other smoking webmistresses who I know do custom videos are Smoking Angel, Smoking Rachel, and Coherent Light.   

I'd just use caution when contacting a smoking model/webmistress. Most will only communicate through email, which is understandable and almost all will want a down payment or the full price up front. Again, understandable, but realize once you send your money, that is pretty much it. Try to work out something that is fair for both and try to communicate with her multiple times, just to make sure she is going to remember you once she gets your money. Most of all, make sure that she is able and willing to do the smoking that you specifically want to see.    

April 26, 2006

Alice Faye: Smoking Queen

alice faye smoking Alice Faye was a star during the 30's and 40's who will best be remembered as the object of the ape's affections in the original King Kong, a standard setting special effects masterpiece for its time and still a successful franchise more than 70 years later.

However, Alice Faye, like so many actresses of her generation, smoked and hawked cigarettes in advertisments. She gets mention as a classic smoking quee3n primarily because of her smoking performance in the musical Rose of Washington Square.

In particular, there is a scene where she sings the title song and, all throughout, is smoking. Lighting a cigarette, Alice takes a drag or two with visible exhales and throws it away, only to have it reappear again on the next refrain.

The scene last for about ten minutes and there is no doubt Alice Faye is really smoking, not t omention inhaling, during the whole scene. IRL fans will have no doubt that she is a smoker and B&W fans will love one of the classic smoking scenes.

I'm sure this movie is now on DVD and fans of classic black & white smoking will love one of the most original smoking scenes in the history of the silver screen.   

April 25, 2006

Two Women Smoking Together

For a lot of us, the only thing more appealing than seeing one gorgeous woman smoking seductively is the sight of two, smoking together. Fortunately, this fact is not lost on a few of the smoking fetish/glamour producers on the web. For a lot of people, the implied girl/girl aspect without giving in to it totally does the trick. I guess its because of the implied sensuality in smoking itself that this does it for a lot of smoking fans. One thing I really like is one girl holding the cigarette for another, which some call a "shotgun". Of course, girl/girl smoky kisses do the trick as well. Several producers, including Smoking Rachel, Smoking Models, and Random Snaps (who own the pic on this post) have content with two smoking females without up front sexuality, although it is strongly implied in some cases. Keep up the good work, people! 

two girls smoking cigarettes 




April 24, 2006

Great Movie Smoking: Catherine Zeta Jones-Chicago

catherine zeta jones smokingThe comedy-musical Chicago featured a very good smoking performance by Catherine Zeta Jones, a well known IRL smoker. In the movie, she smokes up a storm with several scenes, but the one that takes the cake is the musical score that is performed in the cell block, with the women detailing, through song, their "justified" actions of killing their husbands/lovers.

Sounds gruesome, but its pretty funny actually. Catherine Zeta-Jones punctuates her refrain at the end of every lyric and before the chorus by saying "Cicero", accompanied by a thick exhale of cigarette smoke.

Its very seductive and racy, which is what it was intended to be, and smoking fans who desire real inhale/exhale smoking from their female celbrities will not be disappointed in this. Not in the least.  

April 23, 2006

Great Movie Smoking Performances: Sean Young

sean young smokingI remember as a teen, going to see the movie Blade Runner , which had just looked so cool in the trailers. the joy of sneaking into this R rated movie though underaged still pulsating through my body, what I take most from this sci-fi cult classic is the images of thick, bluish-white smoke just billowing from Sean Youngs cigarette...literally clouds of smoke every where.

 She smokes early and often in this movie, but nothing beats the first scene she is in, when she sweetly asks Harrison Ford "Do you mind if I smoke" as he is about to give here a test to determine if she is a human or a replicant (a fairly standard thing in the dark, raining, futuristic Los Angeles of the middle 21st century)...I remember my stomach tightening as those combo nose-mouth exhales flowed oout of her.

There are other smoking females, as well, with Daryl Hannah having one pretty good drag-exhale scene, and there being several instances of women smoking in advertisments, which are huge movie shorts playing always constantly on the sides of skyscrapers and huge murals.

Evidently, the writer of this story, which was filmed probably around 1980, envisioned Southern California to be a lot more smoker friendly in the next century than if appears that it is actually going to be. For you young pups, remember that you will be seeing a much younger version of the still beautiful Sean Young and Daryl Hannah, neither of whom could have been more than 21 or 22 when this was filmed. A good pickup for either a sci-fi or smoking fan who prefers a real life setting to seeing women smoke as opposed to the artifical settings most smoking sites/producers give you on the 'net.         

April 22, 2006

Big Breast Smokers

big bust smokersI am one of those men who likes large busts-not that I don't like small ones- and when that is coupled with smoking, it has to make you palms sweaty.

Maybe its just something about a good looking women with a large chest who is smoking, especially if she is inhaling deeply to fill out all of that ample lung capacity, I don't know.


There was a site on the web a few years back called Busty Smoking Babes which I joined and was actually going to remain a member of for a while, but they soon stopped updating and were gone within a few months, but I do remember some great pic sets of big bust smokers, such as Sarenna Lee (pic on the left) Angel Eyes, Barroca, and Taylor Wane   


Most of those were, as you might guess, the "store bought" variety of big busts, but I'm one who does not care about that, although many do. Or, it could just be the fun of seeing such a large bosom heave, if just slightly, when a big bust women takes  a deep drag off of her cigarette.

I think it all fits into the category of smokin gfans who like to see celebrity women smoke, but it has to be a distinct sub-category, beause relatively few, if any, of the female athletes or models who smoke are large breasted, of course.

Some more natural big breasted women star who have done it for me while smoking in movies are Tiffany Amber-Thiessen, Drew Barrymore, and Queen Latifah. 

April 21, 2006

Kate Moss Smokes, Too...

kate moss smokingIn response to an early post about super models who smoke, a reader commented that the, arguably, most famous supermodel of them all was also a smoker, Kate Moss. This is absoultely correct, of course, and their just might be more pics of Kate smoking on the 'net than any other two supermodels put together. In fact, it seems that Kate is a chain smoker who has admitted to smoking 4 packs a day. Wow. For me, over doing it kind of takes away some of the mystique and the anorexic looking model thing has never been my cup of tea, but when you tale about gorgeous female celebrity smokers, you have to mention Kate Moss. Thanks for the comment and keep 'em coming.

April 20, 2006

Jennifer Tilly Smokes

jennifer tilly smokingOne of the most sensual and subtlely sexy actresses is, in my opinion, Jennifer Tilly. She smokes quite a bit along with Gina Gershon in the movie Bound and has several other smoking film entries according to Smoking Sides Female Celebrity smoking list.

 Its almost too good to be true when a woman as beautiful as Jennifer Tilly is also an IRL and sexy smoker, but that is definitely what she is. I only wish that she had more roles, and therefore more pics and videos, to see her in. But, then you can't have everything, can you?   

April 19, 2006

Supermodels who smoke

naomi campbell christy turlington smokingKeeping along the lines of my themes of certain classes of females who smoke, I wanted to throw a bone to supermodels who smoke.

I have no hard evidence, but my feeling is that supermodels probably smoke more than any other class of female celebrities other than actresses.

My reasoning for that is two fold: 1) like the pic of Naomi Campbell and Christy Trulington on the left, supermodels have a lot of necessary down time, and some people just have to have something to do with their hands 2) more importantly, models are obsessesed with their weight and it is true that some people, much to the chagrin of medical people, take up and/or continue smoking out of a fear that they would eat more if they couldn't satisfy their oral fixation with a cigarette. Me? I just think supermodels who smoke are hot.  

April 18, 2006

Fitness Girls Who Smoke

cindy margolis smokingOne of things about people who are female smoking fans is the amount of subfetishes within the smoking fetish, and one for me is the "fitness" type women who are also IRL smokers. I guess its the aura of someone smoking who you would least expect to smoke, and, if they can do it in a glamorous and attractive way.

There have been rumors floating around the 'net for years about closet smoking athletes like Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati, and I think that plays into this aspect of it, too. In a time when smoking is supposedly so taboo and scorned in society, the specter of top notch athletes is all the more shocking-and therefore more alluring to those of us with this interest in that particular aspect of the fetish. There was a series of pics on the 'net years ago of a buff woman smoking, and I mean really smoking, doing pushups, treadmill, etc. And you could tell that she was inhaling, even one pic  captured her in the middle of a french inhale. Wish I could find that pic now.    

April 17, 2006

Smoking Site: Lady Madonna

girl smoking outsideIn my opinion and history of surfing the net, the website called Lady Madonna probably is the best at capturing beautiful, every day women smoking. Their site is heavily waited towards pictures, but the members area does contain 100 video clips, which are rotated on a monthly basis. They also sell several DVDs, almost all of them  are compilations containing three to four models.   

There is a wide variety of models, both in body type, facial appearance, and ethnicity, something that not all multi model sights can say. The lighting and videography on the clips is outstanding.

I would like to see a little more creativity with the scene setups, but I also realize that there are only so many things you can do with a smoking model and keep the focus on what the clips is really about. There is no nudity or implied  sexuality, which is what many smoke fetishers like best. I do think the membership is stiffly priced, but the quality of the work makes it worth it. My grade: A-


April 16, 2006

Bette Davis: Smoking Queen

bette davis smokingBette Davis needs no introduction to fans of smoking actresses who are also familiar with older movies. Ms. Davis probably did more smoking onscreen than any other actress, her Oscar winning career spanned nearly 50 years. In fact, the cigarette kind of became Bette Davis' trademark, as was remarked on once by rival and fellow legendary  actress and smoking queen, Joan Crawford.

In fact, the hit song of the early 80's, Bette Davis Eyes, featured a music video complete with an actress smoking in sihouette in the background in homage to Bette. 

Bette Davis smoked in nearly all of her movies, with the exception of those that were period pieces. A complete listing, as always, can be found at Smoking Celebrities  .

Fans of real oldies can catch Bette smoking  in a 1930's movie called Three on a Match , a story built upon the scene of three female friends lighting their cigarettes on one match, which is repeatedly several times in the film. In terms of quantity,  it might be hard to beat All About Eve  in which Bette Davis plays an aging stage actress trying to ward off an agressive young understudy. Its a classic movie, and Bette smokes, if my memory is correct, in every scene she is in. Its also a famous movie because it featured the famous initial cameo of Marilyn Monroe, who is on screen for maybe thirty seconds. [No, Marilyn does not smoke in this one]

Another personal favorite shows an older Bette, still smoking voraciously, in the movie Dead Ringer, where she plays a dual role as identical twins: one nice/one greedy, one rich/one poor and, you guessed it, one a non-smoker and the other a chain smoker, which plays into the really neat twist on the end  when one has to answer  for the murder the other committed.

More than any other classic smoking queen, there is an abundance of pictures and videos available on VHS and DVD of Bette Davis, the ultimate cigarette woman.   

April 13, 2006

Marilyn Monroe: Smoking Queen

marilyn monroe smokingThere can be no doubt that when the all time glamour girl in movie history was also a smoker, that she will be included in anyone's list of smoking queens. That said, however, it does not seem that Marilyn Monroe actually did a lot of on screen smoking. IN fact, being an old movie buff myself, I feel pretty safe in saying that the that her smoking scenes were few and far between. However, there are more than a handful of photos of her smoking in candid situations floating around on the 'net, so her IRL status is without question.

The only movie smoking scene that I can recall is in a movie called Niagara, where Marilyn comes out of the shower and askes her husband for a drag off of his cigarette. Her deep inhale and loud, thick exhale come across as a serious smoker who was dying for one. Being Marilyn Monroe in a towel doesn't hurt either.

Those looking for more Marilyn smoking pics or movies out there should definitely check Smoking Celebrites, which has a link to take you to the person's in real life status, which is followed by a list of movies she smoked in and, in a few cases, a smoking review.      

Brooke Shields Smokes

brooke shields smokingWell, yes she does. Not that big a deal unless you remember when Brooke was at the height of her career when Brooke was the most visible of the first wave of anti-smoking campaigns. But, over the years, it seems like Brooke had, indeed, picked up the habit and rumor has it that she is a chain smoker. Her smoking scenes in movies would seem to indicate that she is at least a serious IRL smoker. Smoking Celebrities has four pages of pics of pretty Brooke smoking and an anecdote about her being hospitalized briefly due to  the amount of nictotine she inhaled on the set of one of her movies.

Obviously, Brooke Shields is one of the prettiest women of the last generation, and still is to many. So, of course, it just follows that she would be one of the most beautiful smokers, doesn't it?  

April 11, 2006

Smoking Rachel Video

smoking rachelFirst, lets get the full disclosure out of the way, smoking rachel is a very big contributor and supporter of this site. So, with that out there, I wanted to tell you about one of her videos called "Cigar Central". Its an all cigar DVD, running approximately one hour, and features Rachel smoking cigars in a variety of poses, both inside and outside, in a variety of outfits such as the one in the picture to the left. For thos eof you who love women smoking cigars, this is your thing. Rachel inhales her cigars, so its not just a posing or puffing thing with her: you'll see french inhales, open mouth inhales, and even some nostrils in this DVD. The lighting for the smoke is good, although the videography could be better. Its not bad, but I don't want you to think I'm saying it is absolute top of the line, either. It was one of Rachel's earlier DVDs, and judging from some of the clips at her clip store    , its jut getting better. Also, this video just features Rachel, and not some of her other smoking models that she worked with after the filming of this , some of who smoke and inhale cigars just like she does. As I said, the video is on DVD and Rachel does have chapter breaks for you in the menu, which is good. Unlike some of Rachel's later DVDs, there is not much talking or skit scenes in this movie, which is either a plus or a minus depending on your point of view. Also, I could have done without the background music in some of the segments. However, this is a quality cigar video , and Rachel's site shows a large  selection of cigar videos for those of you interested in that specific aspect of the smoking fetish. You can get "Cigar Central" at Rachel's Order page, where she has all of her videos available, all on DVD, with a promise of more to come. Also, there is a  very good write up on Rachel in the two most recent editions of Smoke Signals Online.  My grade on this DVD: B+

April 09, 2006

IRL sighting: Fast walking smoker

kate winslet smokingNo, I'm not going to tell you that this pic of the gorgeous Kate Winslet inhaling in mid-stride is the subject of my in real life sighting. This picture just conjures up a memory of my favorite in real life  smoking view. It was  years ago in Boston on a college campus. A group of young women were walking together, as they almost always do, obviously heading for a party or some other social event. It was dusk time on campus in the early spring time, so the light was still pretty good.

The smoker in question seemed to be leading the pack, walking fast and a sstride or two ahead of her girlfriends. She was smoking, of course, but it was the way she was smoking. She smoked continuously, with only the time it took her to exhale between inhales. I remember looking at the group of girls from the side as they walked past, and kept my gaze on them until they disappeared down the hill between the dormitories.

My Smoking Walker led the way the entire time, the stream of smoke she exhaled being swept behnd her by the soft evening wind. The amount of smoke made like a white column of train smoke as she led the way. As I remember, the girls were fairly loud, a bunch of them yapping away about whatever they were going to do. My Smoking Walker didn't say anything, however, she just kept smoking and walking fast, maybe more determined than her friends to get where they were going.

Certainly, she appeared more confident and aluuring, at least to me, just because of the way she smoked and how fast she walked. I had never seen anything like it, before or since. She seemed to exhale more smoke than anyone I had ever seen. Now, this was at a time when I knew I was attracted to good looking females smoking, but I had never heard the term "smoking fetish". And, being on a campus that was more than 50% female, seeing a girl smoking was not exactly the most unusual thing. So, it might tell you how amazing it was that I watched this girl for several minutes, walking further away from me until she and her friends went over the hill and to the fun on the other side of campus.

 Its funny the things you remember, isn't it? I can still see her smoking and leading the pack, and I can describe how she kept walking, dragging hard on her cigarette to create the deep orange circle of light in the gloaming, still see her titlting her head upwards to exhale, still see the smoke being swept back behind her and over the heads of her girlfriends. However, I can't say that I remember anything about how she looked. Dark hair, I'm sure, but I couldn't tell you anthing else about her. I don't even think I could have then, right after she disappeared from my line of sight . But her commanding, rapid, smoking march and the trail of smoke she left will never leave my memory.     

Smoking Fiction: Traffic Jam

rose mcgowan smokingThe gal in the left hand lane sat in her '04 Ford Escort, not moving like those of us in the center land, irritated at yet another traffic jam  on the  405. I was used to it, but that didn't mean I wasn't just as pissed off as everyone else.

I had been sneaking peeks over to my left for a few minutes now, because the woman seemed to be a real looker. Young, maybe 25 or so, jet black hair with sexy bangs coming down just over her shades. I could see well enough to determine that she had a nice figure and a perfectly shaped bust. Always a plus for me.

My palms didn't really start to get sweaty, however, until I saw her pull out a pack of  Newport 100's and stick one in her mouth as she was muttering to herself. Probaby either in disgust at being stopped in traffic, but maybe singing with the music pumping on her CD player, it didn't matter to me. The only thing that mattered to me was seeing her do those crisp, open mouth inhales, balanced by the occasional french inhale. I eased my foot off of the gas when necessary to move forward as the traffic in front of me crawled...and I did it to make sure that I was even with my Newport Girl in the left lane.

The time, which had been moving slowly before I noticed Newport Girl, now seemed to speed up as she seriously smoked down her Newport. Her windows were up on this smoggy day, so I could see the smoke eddying around her head in the front seat....she was, as they used to say, filling up the cabin with smoke.

I began to fantasize that I had the front view, the only thing in the world that is better than the profile view of a gorgeous smokers. I thought of looking at her through the front window, being able to see her face, eyes hidden behind the "don't mess with me shades", the smoke looking even whiter and thicker against her dark hair, the smoke seeping back up her nose as she snapped off her French inhales with attitude...

It made for a pleasant traffic jam and, for the first time that I could ever remember, I was glad to be in a traffic jam on the 405.           

The Allure of Smoking

mamie van doren smokingThere is no shortage of what I'll call "smoking-come-hither" pics on the 'net or in the popular culture. Its obvious that the connection between smoking, paticularly in females, and sex is very real and explited in  movies, advertisements, etc.

I guess the big question is the chicken and the egg argument. Do we all make the connection between smoking and sexy because of classic smoking pics like the one of Mamie Van Doren on the left, or do the people who push their movies and products on us use sultry smoking pictures because the connection between smoking and sex is just naturally there?

I've got to go with option A. A brief reading of the pop culture history of this country shows us that not too long ago smoking was frowned upon by "respectable" women, and that a half century of advertising and promotion basically evolved into a society where women were slightly more likely to be smokers than me. Of course, this was done primarily through the use of beautiful women smoking or at least posing as smokers, with the result being the implied connection between smoking and sexual attractiveness.

Even in the harsh anti-smoking climate of today, the implication is still there, if you think that it was just by happenstance that Sharon Stone smoking while she did the famous leg-cross seen, you're crazy. In fact, its my opinion that the sex/smoking relationship will only get stronger as it becomes less accepted for women-or men-to smoke for all of the other reasons given for the habit: peer pressure, stress relief, etc.

Anyway, thats my take on it, in the meantime, I'll just enjoy the exploitation of beautiful women smoking in the popular culture. I bet I'm not the only one.      


April 07, 2006

Rita Hayworth: Smoking Queen

rita hayworth smokingRita Hayworth has the unofficial distinction of having, probably, the most famous female smoking pic of all time, the pose she did for the movie Gilda exhaling a stream of smoke upwards while smiling. If you have surfed the 'net looking for smoking pics at all, you have no doubt seen the picture.

Rita Hayworth was one of the classic pin up queen actresses of the 40's and early 50's. Her smoking scenes that are remembered by fans come from Gilda and the Lady from Shanghai, in which her character actually learned to smoke, in order to help win the affections of a man who had offered her a cigarette in thei first meeting, only to refuse as she was a non-smoker.

Later in the movie, Rita says the increible line "I'm learning to smoke", as she accepts a light and inhales as only an experienced IRL can do.

The picture from Gilda, as well as other classic, sultry smoking pics like the one I've placed in this post, are the primary reason that Rita Hayworth has to be recognized as one of the classic smoking queens. She also, more prominently, is remembered for being one of the most popular "pin up" models of the World War II era, and her time at the top of the Hollywood pyramid coincided with a time when smoking was more openly thought of as attractive in females. I am not aware of other great smoking scenes from any of her movies, not saying that there aren't any, but if you find in your internet smoking fetish research that there is a less well known Rita Hayworth movie out there on DVD that features a smoking scene, do yourself a favor and pick it up.       

Smoking Fiction- The Chain Smoking Bride

big bust woman smokingJimita was nervous as she glanced at the clock and saw the time growing short until her nuptials...the clock read 10:30, only two and one half hours and then she would be married. It was all she had wanted for a long time, being a wife to a nice, upwardly mobile man. Everything was perfect...except for the one thing that she had, somehow, managed to keep from Jeff for the six months that they had been dating.

Jimita smoked. And Jeff was one of the biggest anti-smokers that she had ever met, if not the biggest. She had found out about Jeff's feelings on their first blind date, and she had been lying, sneaking cigarettes, and scarfing down Altoids every since then. Jeff had no clue.

Jimita lit up one of her Marlboro Light 100's, and looked down at the pack of what was, she assumed, the last pack of cigarettes she was ever going to buy. She had thought this out, of course, but there would really be no way to sneak once they were married and living together. Plus, even if she did, there would be the matter of Jeff finding out when it came time for an insurance policy or something...still, as she inhaled deeply on her cigarette, she thought that it shouldn't really matter, and that Jeff couldn't possibly dump her just because of a habit she had had since she was eighteen. She was twenty-nine now. On the other hand, if he did find out, it would be better after they were married...

"What's up girlfriend?"

Jimita spun around in the middle of a cloud of smoke to see her maid of honor, Betsy, walking into her dressing room.

Betsy was red haired,  thin, and about 3 inches shorter than Jimita. She had evil green eyes and wore her aqua blue dress very well. 

"Hey, Bets", said Jimita as she inhaled so deep on her cigarette that her already large bust heaved out a few more inches.

"Old habits die hard, huh", asked Betsy as she reached for Jimita's cigarette. Betsy took the Marlboro Light into her mouth and sucked just as hard as Jimita had, letting out her exhale through her nose handsfree. "Girl, you got some serious cleavage going on there."

Jimita was lighting another cigarette while she darted around the room. "Thanks, Bets, but I'm going crazy here..." Jimita blew out a stream or smoke and followed it with several thick smoke rings.

"Why, not having second thoughts?"

"Uhh, no, its just that...he doesn't know I smoke."

Betsy was in the middle  of a french inhale when she heard Jimita come clean."You've gotta' be kidding, Jimita! You haven't told him!?"


"Whaddya' gonna do, Jimita?"

"Right now just smoke my brains out"

"Yeah, but, I mean, can't he ever smell it, you smoke like a chimney."

Jimita pointed to the box of Altoids on the table next to her. "That's what those are for."

"I see", said Betsy as she blew a plume of smoke towards Jimita. "Jimita", she started, "...you know I'm your friend..."

"This sounds bad, Bets, just get it over with", interrupted Jimita. She punctuated her sentence with a loud exhale that was a combo mouth and nostril.

"I just don't like this guy, Jimita. I mean, its one thing if he just says don't smoke aroound me, but you're telling me now that you won't let you smoke at all! I mean, does the think he can control you like that?"

"Apparently he can, Bets. I want to get married..."

"Yeah, but you don't have to marry this guy, is what I'm saying. I mean, Jimita, we started smoking together, ya' know, don't you remember..."

"Yes, Bets, I remember...high school after cheerleading practice." Jimita let her voice trail off at that thought and thought of what Betsy was really talking about. How the two of them snuck cigarettes, originally Betsy's idea. And how they practiced smoking together, with Jimita marvelling at how good Betsy looked while she was smoking. One time, Betsy remarked to Jimita that she looked really sexy while smoking, and before she knew it, she and her best friend were playing kissy face after practice. It had never really gone much further than that, and the two friends had put the kissing and groping incidents behind them, never speaking of it as time wore on and their friendship reamined.

"I remember, too, Jimita", said Betsy as she crossed the dressing room quickly and placed her cigarette up to Jimita's lips.

Jimita, surprised, took in a lungful of smoke and then felt Betsy's free hand softly on her breast. "C'mon, Bets, stop that", barked Jimita through her cloud of exhaled smoke. "C'mon, stop it."

"That's another old habit that dies hard, I guess. Smoking in here with you brought back some memories..."

"Bets, that's not the point, the point is that I'm lying to the man who is going to be my husband, its not about kissing my girlfriend in high school, I was just experimenting..."

"I'm not a lesbian, Jimita, I just like the way you look when you smoke...I always have and I can't believe Jeff doesn't. I mean, you know him and you're not telling him because you're afraid of what he might say...or do."

Betsy moved close end on Jimita again and placed her cigarette in Jimita's mouth. Despite the fact

big breasted smoking biride that she had a cigarette of her own going, Jimita inhaled on Betsy's cigarette as she let her eyes drift up towards her friends. This isn't happening, though Jimita. My best friend and maid of honor is hitting on me before my wedding.

"Bets, c'mon, not now, I mean, I'm getting married here."

"To a guy who won't even let you smoke, Jimita, what is that...you look so good when you smoke. Do you know how long its been since you and I had a cigarette together?" The tone of Betsy's voice told Jimita that her thought was true, Betsy was hitting on her.

Jimita blew out a stream of smoke and said, "Bets, its not that he won't let me smoke, he doesn't know, he has never said anything..." 

"Because you haven't told him because you're afraid he will not let you do it. You're afraid he'll dump you, aren't you Jimita?" Betsy moved in again, her right hand holding her cigarette to Betsy's mouth, her left hand finding its way upwards again to Jimita's large breast.

Jimita was flustered by everything that was happening: being hit on by her best friend, nervousness about getting married to a guy she had not been truthful to, and the fact that she was trying to get as much smoke in her lungs as possible. 


"Bets", she started as she bent down a little to suck on her friend's cigarette, "I don't know what he's gonna' say, I just can't let him find out, you know? I just have to stop smoking..."

Betsy blew out some smoke of her own and laughed, "No way, Jimita, no way. You love smoking, plus, it would be a shame for me to think that I'll never see you smoking again."

With that, Betsy moved up real close to Jimita and tried to place a kiss on Jimita's lips, something she had not done since back in high school. Jimita gently pushed her friend away and said, "Bets, not now, this can't happen right now." She turned her back on her friend and crushed out her cigarette. With the smoke still wafting up from the ashtray, she popped another out of the pack and thought that she was going to have to have about 3 altoids to cover the smell up, plus maybe a little perfume on the gown to help with the clothes.

Jimita lit her cigarette quickly and savored the taste of the smoke in her mouth...a taste that had been there for the past 20 minutes and four cigarettes...a taste that she might not ever have again if she quit to satisfy her new husband.

"O.k., Jimita, not now, but when?" Betsy was something, she really wanted this to happen right here in the dressing room a few feet from where Jimita was to be married!                   

"Bets, it can't happen...not here. I mean, we're in a public place that I'm going to be married in a few minutes, this can't happen now..."

"When, Jimita, when, I just want you so much, especially when I see you smoking..."

big bust woman smoking Jimita turned slightly from her friend and took another drag.She was trying to think of any way to diffuse the situation. the smoke felt comforting in her mouth and lungs, but she was anything but calm as she felt Betsy's hand on her shoulder. Jimita tunred quickly and thought she was going to tell Betsy that was enough.

Before she really knew what was happening, Jimita was touching her mouth to Betsy's. their mouths opened and Jimita's smoke wafted out onto Betsy's tongue.

They kissed passionately, as if they were making up for lost time since their high school days.

Betsy pulled back from Jimita and said, "Please, Jimita, keep smoking...please..." Betsy lowered herself down, not caring about her new dress, and Jimita felt her dress being pulled up and her panties coming down.

It was all so unreal, and gelt so good to Jimita. She voraciously smoked her cigarette, as Betsy began to explore Jimita down below.

With each deep inhale and exhale, Betsy seemed to work more rapidly, and the result was an intense feeling that Jimita had seldom felt before.

Jimita started to blow her exhales down towards Betsy, which seemed only to make Betsy more excited. Soon, Betsy would raise her head up every so often and Jimita would feed her the cigarette.

The smoke, and Jimita's excitement, were building in the small dressing room so fast that it was inevitable what would happen. Jimita knew she had to be quiet, but it finally got to be too much for her, and her high pitched squeal was involuntary.

Jimita's wedding dress was halfway up her body, her head tilted back and blowing a stream of smoke up towards the ceiling, when she heard a deep voice mixed with shock and anger scream "What in the hell is going on here!!!???!!"  


Jimita stepped outside of the office building to have her first smoke break of the day. This time, it was just her and Ralph, one of the guys from the accounting department in the office. He was o.k., just a real busy body, always in everyone else's business. Almost as bad as an old lady.

Ralph lit Jimita's cigarette, and Jimita blew her exhale up into the soft June mid-morning wind.

"You know, I didn't even know you smoked until recently", started Ralph. It was about the fourth time he had mentioned it over the past couple days.

"Yeah", started Jimita, "I've always been a closet smoker, was trying to kind of quit because my ex-fiancee didn't like it." Jimita thought, what the hell, everyone would find out anyway.

"Oh, yeah, I heard some of the girls in your department say you called off your wedding last week, sorry to hear about that." Ralph continued, searching for the real scoop. "He found out you smoked and gave you a hard time, huh? I'd have dumped him, too."

Jimita took a drag and felt relaxed. She knew who she was and didn't care what anyone thought. Plus, she was tired of the fishing for dirt questions she was getting from everyone.

She finished a nostril exhale and said, "Actually, Ralph, he dumped me."

"No way."

"Yep, called it off right there. Had the hall for his club rented for the wedding, all his friends there, everything. Called it off."

"Man, you're kidding. All because you smoke. That's stupid. Hey, I'm sorry Jimita, not trying to pry..."

"Yeah, you are, Ralph. But its cool, you know?"

"Its not cool if he dumped you at the altar because he found out you smoked..."

"Ralph, listen, he found out because I was having a smoke in my dressing room with my maid of honor going down on me, o.k.? His best man smelled the smoke and heard the moans so he came in to see what was wrong, o.k.? Just so you know."

Ralph looked at Jimita, stunned, and said nothing.

Jimita took one last drag and flicked her cigarette away as she exhaled and walked back to the door. Her break was over. Just then, her cell phone rang and she took it out of her purse.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hey, girl, its me", said Betsy.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing, just wanted to know if you wanted to get together and maybe have a cigarette after work."

Jimita stopped, looked back at Ralph, and smiled, "Bets, you know I do." 

Jenna Jameson Smokes

jenna jameson smoking

 Jenna Jameson is probably the most well known and popular adult star today, making many apopearances on cable TV talks shows like Howard Stern as well as some bawdy B movies and at least one  mainstream movie, again featuring Howard Stern called Private Parts. She has a very successful and heavily trafficked website located called Club Jenna, and you can find a link to her on the main site of bestsmoking sites. Jenna is an in real life smoker, something I know from having seen her on TV and also from some of the many pictures of her on the 'net, most of which feature her smoking in a candid or IRL setting. Her online club, however, of which I once had a trial membership, did not feature any smoking fetish material. There is no way not to like Jenna, of course, and porn fans, big breast fans, and fans of pretty girl on pretty girl fare probably could not find a better site to join. However, even with the pics of Jenna smoking that you might see in the previews or on the internet don't translate into content on her site. Instead, you have a much better chance of seeing the beautiful Jenna smoking in on of her movies. Smoking Celebrities is probably the best place to find info on the specific movies she smokes in, if that is all you are looking for from Jenna.

Goddess Heather Smokes

goddess heather smokingGoddess Heather is a multi-faceted fitness babe who eagrly indulges several fetishes on her website. I had a membership briefly about a year and a half ago, and I can tell you that there was not much smoking available in the way of clips or pics,  and all of that was incidental to some other theme fetish, mostly B&D.

However, the smoking content that Goddess Heather does put out is choice stuff. She smokes like an IRL, which is of the upmost importance to many smoking fetishers. Also, she was good enough to shoot the cigar smoking pics that you see pictured on the main site, including the one on the left.

We are going to try our best to see if she will do more smoking galleries, or better yet, some clips in the future. She seems so nice and willing to work with people, but the popularity and wide ranging nature of her site take a whole lot of time. Wish us luck.    

April 06, 2006

Hedy Lamarr: Smoking Queen

hedy lamarr smokingThe sultry Austrian born actress Hedy Lamarr was one of the more interesting starlets of the Worl War II era, and remained so until her relatively recent death. She  was outspoken and wrote a book that was very shocking for its time, recounting her thoughts and career in Hollywood, her opinion as to the direction that movies were going at that time, and her romances as well as her dalliances with men and a few women. 

Her reference in this blog is, of course, solely based on her smoking prowess. She made a movie in the early 1930's called Ecstasy  which was, as you might guess from its title, quite raunchy for its time. Ms. Lamarr had a nude scene in which she runs through the woods naked, with a brief but clear glimpse of her front...also, legend has it that she was underage at the time of the film. More imprtantly for us, however, is the smoking scene, which I refedrenced in an earlier blog. Although the is really only one visible exhale, it is one for the ages, lasting approximately 20 seconds. Not being an actual smoker myself, I'm not an expert, but I would say this is close to humanly impossible. My guess is that two different takes were spliced tofether, however, it really does look as if it is one continuous exhales, plus a nice residual at the end. Undoubtedly, Ms. Lamarr was an in real life smoker who inhaled. You can out more about Hedy Lamarr at the Internet Movie Database.  I have not seen any other of her smoking in movies, nor am I aware of any other pics other than the posing one you see here. But, believe, me that one exhale is enough to get her into any smoke fan's hall of fame.      

Smoking Pictures Needed

asian girl smokingThis site, like the blog, will seek to be update regularly. And, to do that, we will need to have fresh pics and/or galleries submitted by smoking fans and models. We;re working on a script right now to allow that easily on the main site, but any pics can be emailed to our contact address on the the main Best Smoking Sites page.

We make no claim to be the origianl posters of any pics, or to hold any copyright. So, if you find or have any smoking pics you'd like to submit, go the main site and drop us an email. We will not post any pictures that have nudity, however sexy and provacative is o.k...color and black & white pics are welcome. No pics of undergage female smokers and female smokers only please!   

Smoking Site Review: Celeste

celeste smokingCeleste has one of the oldest member sites out there, and I've been a member on more than  one occaasion. Celeste is gorgeous, imminently sexy, and a terrific smoker. Her smoking pictures and videos show variety and she works with several different models in her smoking sets and her videos.

Those of you who are  into sites where  the females are smoking only should no that  Celest's site features many fetishes: balloons, domination, girl/girl, etc. There is, of course, nudity, but no hardcore, as Celeste only models with other women.

My most recent membership in Celeste's site was about three months ago, and, quite frankly, there was not a lot, if any, new content from my previous membership. It seems as if Celeste is focusing more on her booming Ifriends business. Also, she has hooked her membership up with a network of other amateur webmistresses, which seems to account for the numbers of pics and videos advertised elsewhere. However, if you have not seen Celeste's site or pics before, this is a quality smoking site, a reaonable amount of content, variety of models, good filming, a gorgeous and sexy star, and quality smoking. Its well worth your initial 9.95. My grade: B+   

April 05, 2006

Smoking Site Review

brunette smokingThere is a relatively new smoking site located at www.smoking-models.com. The producers and models are obviously English, although the pricing on the page is in USD. They have several nice pictures on the home page, such as the one on the left, that show that the models in their clip volumes are trul in real life smokers.

There are now 10 volumes, available for purchase and download, for $29.99. The sample clips show a variety of models and smoking scenarios such as nurses, schoolgirls (which seems to be a British staple), and smoek swapping. There is no adult or nude content.

My only issue with the site is the descriptions of what I will be getting when I purchase a download. The descriptions are pretty good, and the models are named. As I said before, there are pics and sample clips sufficient enough for me to get a flavor of what I'm purchasing. My problem is that I'm not sure how much I'm getting. The descriptions are in the size of files that I can purchase for download, such as "at least 500 MB of clips..." Well, is that 501 MB or 600 MB? And, most importantly, how much is that in real time, which is what I really want to know.

For the finicky purchaser, like me, this is a little problem. My personal experience is that 500MB will give me in the neighborhood of 45 minutes of video, but this depends and I'm not sure. So, I'm not quite ready to purchase, yet, but this is a site that definitely bears watching.  

Joan Crawford: Smoking Queen

Joan Crawford smoking pose One of the most glamorous and gorgeous smoking screen queens of yesteryear was, in my opinion, Joan Crawford. My attraction to smoke in black and white has been mentioned here before, and most of Joan's movies were, of course, filmed in black & white. At least the movies made during her hey day. You can find some great smoking scenes from Joan in movies as early as the 30's such as Rain (where she does a very sensual dangle), and Grand Hotel . Another great movie for Joan smoking is Humoresque, which features a scene where Joan has to choose from several matches being offered to her. My all time favorite Joan smoking movie/scene, however, comes from the movie The Damned Don't Cry , in which she does a talking exhale-pause talking exhale-residual exhale that has  to be the most incredible smoking exhale ever captured on  film. (Hedy Lamarr's 20 second exhale-yes, I timed it once-in Ecstasy  is unbelievable, but you have to think that is the product of two sepeately shot takes being spliced together ). And, the thing about Joan was that she was sexy on screen, especially in an era when that had to be a lot more understated than it does today, and always managed to work her smoking into her sesuality. From what I understand she was a serious smoker in real life, something that certainly comes through on film. Of course, those of you smoking fans out there who just like serious female smoking will have to realize that, at best, in the movies I've mentioned you will see a total of  Joan smoking the equivalent of one cigarette. Those of you who cut your teeth on smoking fetish videos and Jones for what you see  on internet sites aren't going to get that quantity. But, the quality moe than makes up for it. Plus, of course, these movies are pretty good. It will help if you like old movies and don't mind a plot to go with your smoking. I don't know if any or all of these movies are out on DVD, but the place to find that out would be the Internet Movie Database.  If any of these are out on DVD, especially, do yourself a favor and pick one up.

April 04, 2006

Smoking Fiction-Denise's First Smoking

two girls smokingDenise was impatient as she paced about the room, waiting for the new maid to show up. Denise was an impatient woman, 29 years old, blonde, a physical fitness nut, the epitome of a California girl. She was the "trophy" wife of a much older man, who had deep pockets and old money in them from  the family  business.

Denise was wearing a low cut rouge blouse, and was anxious to meet some of her girlfriends for a shopping date. But, the house was a mess, a result of Denise having impetuously fired the previous maid, Ilsa. Well, Denise, an OC girl, had high standards and Ilsa just wasn't meeting them, no matter how punctual she was.

The doorbell chimed and Denise walked quickly over to open it, fully prepared to give this new old bag maid a piece of her mind. She opened the door to find a woman about her own age, dressed in a skin- tight black blouse and skirt. She had dark hair, shapely legs, light brown eyes, and a very ample bosom, even bigger than Denise, which was saying something. She wore five inch closed toe high heeled FMPs.

Denise stared at the woman a second too long before she said, "Yes?"

"Oh, yes ma'am, my name is Betsy and I'm your new maid".

Denise was speechless for several seconds before she said, with disbelief, "You're the new maid?"

"Yes", said Betsy, "the agency sent me over...you did call the Parisian Maid service, didn't you?"

"Well, uh, yes, I did, but you don't look much like a maid to me". Betsy smiled and came in the door as Denise moved to the side.

"Well, I guess there are different looks for different clients, Mrs. Dunphy." 

"Well, yes," said Denise, recovering a little, "your agency was recommended to me by a friend, so I assume you're good."

"I'm one of the best, Mr. Dunphy, you can count on that as she walked over to the plush sofa and sat down, slowly crossing her legs.

"Well, you'be better be, the last maid was just not good enough, which is why I tried your service". Denise was more than a little peturbed by Betsy just sitting down on her sofa, plus she did not like the way she was dressed...although Betsy was very attractive. Denise continued, "I'll want you to start in the kitchen, and then move on to the dining and living room areas...". Denise's voice  trailed off as she looked at Betsy pull out a pack of Virginia Slim 120's as she listened.

Denise said, "Uhh, Betsy, or whatever your name is, there is no smoking in this house."

jewell marceau smoking Betsy smiled, lit her VS 120 with a lighter, and let the smoke waft up slowly around her head.

Denise was steamed at this woman. Who did she think she was?

"Didn't you hear what I just said", snapped Denise.

"Yes, I did, Ms. Dunphy, but its going to be hard to for me to...uhh...warm things up in here without smoking, I love to smoke, you know, it helps put me in the mood."

"Mood for what, cleaning my house!?!" Betsy blew another stream of smoke tantalizingly out of her mouth and towards Denise. "Well, I guess we can take the fantasy as far as you want, Mrs. Dunphy..."

"Fantasy, what the hell are you talking about?" Denise was near screaming now. "You come in here dressed like a porn star, you make no effort to start cleaning, and you're smoking when I told you to..."  

The wicked smile ran away from Betsy's face. She sat forward on the sofa and looked at Denise, who was as pissed off as she could ever remember. To think, she had fired Ilsa for this

Betsy looked at Denise for a few seconds and said, "Mrs. Dunphy, you really think I'm a maid, don't you?"  Denise was silent as she thought about this question. What in the world was this girl talking about...then it hit her. Her friend that had recommended the Parisian maid service was Jeselle, who was always taling about her "lesbian days" years ago when she lived in Santa Monica and it was the in thing to do. Jeselle had given her the number, and she knew it wasn't a maid service at all...

"Mrs. Dunphy, the Parisian Maid service is, well, we service our customers..."

"You're a call girl!!"

Betsy grinned and took another drag off of her cigarette. "Yes, Mrs. Dunphy, I guess you could say that", Betsy finsihed as she blew her smoke away from Denise for the first time. "When you called and asked for our best maid, well, that's code word for..."

"Oh, my gosh, ", yelled Denise, "I am going to totally kill Jeselle".

"Sounds like someone played a real joke on you, Mrs. Dunphy." Betsy leaned forward and said, "I need somewhere to put my ash, Ms. Dunphy."

Denise, flustered, said, "Well, I told you that you couldn't smoke in here..."

"Yes, you did, Ms. Dunphy, but I still need someplace to put my ash." Denise looked at Betsy who smiled at her  through  the  slowly rising haze of smoke that surrounder her head. Denise had to admit, despite herself, that Betsy did look very good when she was smoking...

"Uhh, well, you can put your ash in here." Denise picked up an empty stein that was just used for decorative purposes on the cofee table. It was her husband's and Denise hated the stein.

Denise watched Betsy tap her long ash into the stein and then said, "Well, Betsy, this has been a horrible mistake, I guess the joke is on me...I guess you better go..."

"Why, Mrs. Dunphy, I mean, you paid for the service, no matter what, why don't you just take a load off and sit here and talk to me?"

"Well, I'm supposed to meet my girlfriends..."

"Is one of them the one who played this joke on you?"

Denise thought about that and shook her head. "No, I'll talk to Jeselle about her referral later, for sure."

"Maybe Jeselle wasn't trying to play a joke on you, Mrs. Dunphy, maybe she thought you might enjoy this service."

Denise shook her head, "I'm not into that, women I mean, I'm mean, people can do whatever, but I'm not..."

"Have you ever been with a woman?"

"Of course not", snapped Denise.

"Then how do you know?"

"I just know."

Betsy leaned back on the sofa and stretched out her right arm on the sofa as she held her cigarette with her left. "Why don't you just sit down here and chat, Mrs. dunphy, you seem like you have a lot of stress."

Denise hesitated, before going over and plopping down on the sofa, as far away from Betsy as she could . Denise felt she was stressed, Jeselle had given her a phony referral, the place was a mess, she didn't feel like hanging out with the girls , she was going to be behind on her shopping...she was stressed.

Denise looked over at Betsy, who was bowing soft smoke rings as she reclined on the sofa. Denise noticed her heart beating a little faster at the sight...she was a good California girl, after all, and therefore hated smoking. But, she had to admit that Betsy looked nice while she smoked.

"Do you smoke to relieve your stress, Betsy?"

brunette smokingBetsy crushed out the cigarette in the stein and popped another one out of her pack. "No, I do it because its sexy, and most of my customers like, in fact, some of them are what you might call smoke fetishists."

"Smoke fetishists, what's that?"

"Well, that's a person who is attracted to the look of a beautiful woman smoking...", Betsy paused as she lit another VS 120 and blew out the smoke towards Denise, "...like you are, Mrs. Dunphy."

"What? I'm not attracted to that, I don't like smoking..."

"I can see the way you've been giving me the eye, I'm not blind, I see." Betsy finished her sentence and moved closer to Denise on the couch.

Denise, again flustered, said, "What, what are you talking about, Betsy...what are you doing?"

Betsy, now only a couple of feet from Denise, took in a lungful of smoke and let it out slowly, directly into Denise's face.

"Betsy! Betsy...stop that..."

"I can tell you love it, Mrs. Dunphy, I can tell you are excited by looking at me and my smoke, why don't you just admit it?

Denise, strangely attracted to the smoke and Betsy's dominating actions, still did not want to admit that she did feel a little turned on, and she hated smoking... 

"See, Mrs. Dunphy, I can tell you love it, you're speechless and I can see you're excited." Betsy let her eyes drift down to Denise's blouse. Denise could feel her nipples stiffening against the fabric of her bra, which was tight against her blouse.

"Betsy, no...I mean, I just can't..."

"Why don't you just let me smoke you, Mrs. Dunphy, remember, you already paid for it." 

Denise was too far under the dominance of Betsy now to resist, and she didn't want to resist. But, she was still too prideful to admit it out loud to Betsy.

Betsy didn't care. She proceeded to slowly and deeply drag on her VS 120 and slowly bathe Denise in her smoke...moving gradually up Denise's torso.

Denise, still not wanting to admit her attraction, was growing more excited as she was covered with Betsy's smoke...the thought of being bathed in the acrid smoke was in itself very exciting to her...the look of Betsy as she exhaled the thick white smoke down at her...it was beginning to really build up in Denise.

"Ms. Dunphy, why don't you take off that top so I can really smoke you good?" Before she even realized what she was doing, Denise had her top off and was completely passive in letting Betsy warm her bare torso with her smoke...Denise particularly like the feeling of the smoke against her hard nipples, and the way the smoke made them feel hot against the cool room air.

Betsy removed her top, revealing her red bra which was barely emough to contain her overflowing bosoms. Denise was not surpised to hear her own first moan of excitement, and the ones that followed were in tandem with her own body reactions...

busty brunette smoker The intense initial smoking of Denise continued for several minutes, and two more VS 120's. The climax of the smoking bath, which came just before Denise's own climax, came when Betsy placed her lips close to Denise's and exhaled her smoke straight into Denise's mouth. 

Denise took the smoke in, and blew out her first ever lung full of smoke back at Betsy, before her lips met Betsy's. It was the most erotic moment Denise had experienced since marrying the older rich man.

An hour later, as Denise and Betsy relaxed together with a cigarette, Betsy asked Denise, "So, what do you think of being smoked, Mrs. Dunphy?"

Denise laughed and said, "I loved it, Betsy, and, in fact, I think I'm an occasion smoker now."

"Really, won't your husband mind?"

"Oh, he won't find out, I'll only smoke during the time when the Parisian maid company-specifically Betsy-is here...uuuhhh...doing their 'maid' service."

Betsy laughed and placed the cigarette she was sharing with Denise in Denise's mouth. Denise dragged deeply, exhaled the smoke, and thought that smoking, or being smoked, was a great stress reliever.

Now, she just had to find someone to clean her house.       


Site Review

brunette girl smokingOne of the very best, and most trafficked, smoking sites out there is Angels Ultimate Smoking Archive, which is run by an individual male (as he clearly states on his homepage) wh omerely collects and posts galleries containing nothing but smoking pictures of females. You can't get any better than that, although those of you who like to see clips will have to do it elsewhere.

That being said, there isn't much more that you could ask for with regards to pictures. There are literally hundreds of galleries on the site, each containing anywhere from a dozen to thirty or more pictures of smoking females. The site is broken down into different themed galleries, such as exhales, inhales, cigars, black and white, celebrities, vintage, lesbian, domination, and so on. There is, literally, something there for everyone, from nude to smoking glamour and everything in between. Also, you will find galleries dedicated to known smoking mistresses of the web, such as Celeste, Ali, and Smoking Rachel. The site makes it easy for you to quickly assess what is newly posted by highlighting the new galleries in red. New galleries are updated frequently. Think of it as your one stop shopping for quality smoking pics on the 'net. And, the pics are almost all top quality. There is obviously a policy on pic submissions, as there are almost none of the dark, grainy, amateurish photos that come part and parcel with searching for smoking pics.

"Angel" does make sure you know who his friends are, however, as banner links are bountiful on this site. That turns off some, but I don't see how anyone can really complain when you look at the quality of the site, the frequency of updates and, hell, its free access. Also, there is a fairly active forum linked to the main site.

A must see for any female smoking afficianado surfing the 'net. My grade is an absolute  


April 03, 2006

Smoke in Black & White

Monique smoking The image(s) of women smoking in black & white film is, for me, the epitome of sultry smoking. Now, don't get me wrong, I love color too, but there is something about black and white film. For me, its probably because my firts stirrings of the smoking fetish were initiated by watching actresses on those old movies that would be shown on TV during the day on the local channels in the days before HBO, Cinemas, and the 'net. Even today, pictires of the great female smokers of yesteryear like Joan Crawaford, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, etc. can evoke stirrings and their pictures can easily be found on smoking related websites thorughout the 'net, such as Smoking Celebs. The only thing with some of the classic black & white film smoking pictures, is that so very few of them show the ladies actually smoking, usually just  posing. But, when the woman is inhaling and exhaling thick streams of smoke in black & white....well, sigh. The picture that decorates this post is of smoking model Monique, one of the models from Smoking Rachel , in a clip from an upcoming movie that, will, if rumor is true, but available in both color and black & white.  On the other hand, it may just be the fact that not many movies are shot in black & white anymore, which makes the ones that are seem more exoctic. Anyway, we will always have those old movies, and Hollywood serves up a black & white smoking masterpiece like Sin City. Good stuff, if you ask me.

April 02, 2006

Smoking Miscellany

girl smoking with holderI think that one of the things that keeps a smoking site fresh and informative is regular  posting of new or diffrent material. One thing I know is that Best Smoking Sites

will be committed to posting pics and galleries from around the web, so please email and pics that you'd like to see posted. It seems that sites like Jay's Smoking Links, and Angels Smoking Archive

are so good because of the fresh material/information and the participation-so to speak-of surfers who contribut so much to making them the kinid of site they enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

Along those lines, I wanted to mention a guy out there who is putting forth a site that should be near and dear to the hearts of those of you who only want emphasis on sites of models who are true and attractive smokers, not intertwined with adult themes or porn. Scott at Visual Smoke   is a one man producer-and hell of a nice guy from personal experience- who is doing the real hard job of putting up his vision for the enjoyment of smoke fetishists, recruiting beautiful in real life smokers, and then filming them for the site he hosts and maintains. I have not, as of yet, had a membership in the Visual Smoke site, so I wouldn't feel right reviewing one way or another on the specifics of membership, but I can say that there is a wide variety of models, some of whose work-Nikki and Cody-Ive enjoyed and has been displayed elsewhere on the 'net.

Also, membership runs just 12.95 per month, with pictures and video, about the lowest membership I've seen anywhere, along with Smoking Rachel    whose monthly price is currently 14.95 for the first month, and then 12.95 thereafter.  So, I think those of us who are smoking fans should, if we can, support sites we like and/or that are making every effort to put out a quality product: bookmark it and go by there regularly, grab a membership here and there, offer constructive criticism and suggestions to the producers. It helps, believe me, and a guy like Scott at Visualsmoke.com sure deesrves our support, in my opinion.

April 01, 2006

Mistress Betka Smokes

mistress betka smokingThe picture on the left is of Mistress Betka Schpitz, who has a gallery of black and white smoking pictures on the main site here. Betka is a classic and, obviously, IRL smoker, and she also has two websites: one specializing in lesbian s&m and the other straight s&m. You won't find too many smoking pictures on Betka's sites, although there is a smoking related intervie with her floating out there somewhere in cyberspace, if anyone gets their hand on it, or knows where it is, please let us know here. Best Smoking Sites is going to do its best to try to get Betka to do another gallery of smoking pictures, let us know if that is something you would like to see.