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March 31, 2006

The thing about cigars!!

christie brinkely smoking cigarWell, of course, you think its really, really phallic. Even moreso than the love of watching a gorgeous woman smoking cigatettes. I think, for me, the size and look of the cigar has a whole lot to do with it. For example, I'm not too particular about what brand of cigarettes I like to see a woman smoke, but I generally do not like the real small, thing, "girly" type of cigarettes. I think for me it is because they don't produce a lot of smoke. Of course, that is not the problem with cigars,  even if she is smoking the "girliie" type of cigars, more and thicker smoke is usually produced, especially if the woman is inhaling the cigars. For those of you who really prefer cigars, however, it seems that a relatively small portion of producers and sites on the 'net have really quality female cigar smoking material. There is a lot, if your thing can be satisfied by seeing a woman posing with an unlit cigar, or even if its lit, as long as you don't expect to see her actually smoking it. However, as always, there are some quality places for you on the 'net. Coherent Light, which needs no introduction for smoking fans who have surfed anytime in the last 10 years, has one truly good cigar smoking video, called "Cigars", which is still available on its website. The video is about 50 minutes running time, and features three diffrent women smoking their cigars. And, boy, do they smoke them! You will see legitimate inhales, along with talking exhales, nostril exhales, and some combos from all three. The settings are all straightforqward, the girls sitting in a chair facing the camerr and smoking the cigar as they have some dialogue with the camerman. No nudity or even suggestive attire, but if its all about the cigar smoking for you, you'll be happy. the first and third girls were the best, especially the last girl, who did the least talking but the best smoking, with the deepest inhales and thickest exhales. She also did about 25 nostril exhales, for those of you who are particular fans of that. Smoking Rachel also dedicates a lot of her free site and members area to cigar smoking, and has a clip package available for download which features nothing but girls smoking cigars. If you know of any other quality female cigar smoking sites or videos available, drop me a line: bc88ku92@yahoo.com   

March 30, 2006

The thing about french inhales

alyssa milano smoking French inhales. To me the most elegant, glamourous smoking trick a beautiful smoking female can do...the sight of the smoke eddying out in a thick , strong cloud and then being inhaled back up into the woman's nose in a rapid stream...only to be lovingly exhales through the mouth later. I think it attracts me for much the same reaons as smoke rings, which I blogged about earlier, but I don't think its exactly the same. Like I said, french inhales are more elegant, sexy of course, but not as "in your face" sexy, at least to me, as smoke rings. French inhales are more subtle with their sensuality, apparent but not as pronounced as smoke rings. The first time I can recall seeing a french inhale and knowing what it was was the girl-sleepover scene from the movie Grease , when Didi Conn & Dinah Manoff's characters where teaching Olivia Newton-John how to smoke. I thought it was erotic, even seeing it for the first time at the age of 9 or 10. Hell, I didn't even know what erotic meant, but it was still erotic to me. In terms of screen smoking queens, the best french inhale practicioner that I have ever seem is, without a doubt, Virginia Madsen. She smokes in several of her  movies, but she has some closeup scenes in the movie Candyman that are, as they say, to die for if you're a french inhale fan. Got any scenes or know of any clips on the 'net that have better french inhale activity than what I've said is the best? Cool. Let me  know, drop me a line here

March 29, 2006

What is it about smoke rings?

drew barrymore smokingSmoke rings are definitely among the most popular of the smoking "tricks" out there, and smoking fetish video producers certainly indulge this particular trick in many videos available on the 'net. Coherent Light, In Real Life , and Smoking Rachel dedicate clips or videos to smoke rings, among others.  The question I have is why? I think, for me, its the knowledge that, if the female is doing thick, continuous smoke rings, it means, by necessity, that she is deeply inhaling and deeply enjoying her smoking. Also, it shows there is no bashfulness or shyness about what she is doing. She is smoking, and she wants everyone to know that she is smoking. Since I, like countless others, associated females smoking with sex and sexual attractiveness on some level, I guess it is somehwat logical that when a beautful female is blowing smoke rings, she is emphasizing those things that attract so many of us to smoking women in the first place. At least, that's my take on it. 

March 28, 2006

Smoking Fiction


julie strain smoking 


Danielle wasn't sure if she wanted Kellie to have to struggle as she felt the warmness of Kellie's hand under her brassiere, moving around evenly over her breast. Danielle leaned in closer to Kellie as Kellie was taking another drag of her Marlboro.

Danielle wanted to taste Kellie and the smoke even deeper and more than ever. Danielle knew that she was in big trouble with her job, she hadn't done any cleaning and this was the first room she had been to, but at this point she didn't care.

Once again, Kellie and Danielle's lips met in a fiery, smoky embrace of lips that sent another charge of excitement through Danielle's supple body as she could feel the moisture building below and the rapid pounding of her heart in her chest. Danielle ran her hands under Kellie's blouse and experienced the soft, supple, feeling of Kellie's breast. The taste of the smoke she was sharing with Kellie and the realization that she was making Kellie excited, too, gave Danielle more confidence and determination to see this experience through to the end.

Danielle and Kellie both pulled their heads back and blew their smoke out over each other's shoulders. They moved in closer and quickly locked lips again, the four hands doing a mutual exploration of each other. Danielle experienced that now familiar charge welling up in side of her, but this time more intense than before, actually more intense than she had ever felt in her life before. She could sense that her body was reacting in a way that it never had before, and the feeling of the impending loss of control was intense. Danielle squealed her pleasure as she and Kellie worked their bodies in unison.

Kellie whispered breathlessly in Danielle's ear, "Danielle, did you you just come?"

Danielle, suddenly a little embarrased, whispered back, "Yes, I'm sorry..."

"No need to be sorry, that's what I wanted". Kellie rolled completely on top of Danielle, and their activity continued, without words for another hour. Finally, both exhausted, Kellie rolled to the right side of the bed as Danielle watched her. Danielle's unfiform was now completely off and crumpled on the floor by the bed. She was covered with a film of sweat, and her bare skin felt cool against the air conditioned room.

"I need a cigarette, how about you, Danielle?".

"Yes, please." Kellie popped two Marlboro Lights out of her pack and put both of them in her mouth, lighting both with a match as she had before. when she got them both lit, she inhaled deep on both and let the smoke out of her nostrils slowly. She then took both out of her mouth and handed one to Danielle.

Danielle took a deep drag and blew the smoke out in rings towards the ceiling as Kellie snuggled next to her. The smoke tasted better than any smoke she had ever had in her mouth before. Why, and exactly how, this smoky seduction by a woman she didn't even know had happened, she was not sure, but she was glad that it did.

"Can you believe that I was actually going to quick smoking, Kellie?"

Kellie giggled and said, "Well, I've been there myself, Danielle, but I can tell you that I don't usually try to seduce housekeepers when I'm in a hotel, its just that you were very cute and I could tell you wanted a cigarette. When I saw how sexy you were when you are smoking, that kind of sealed the deal, you know?" 

Danielle blew out another stream of smoke and said, "Really, wow. I mean, I noticed how good you looked when you were smoking, too."

"I guess you are not going to quit now, huh?"

"Probably not. This is like the best cigarette I've ever had."

Kellie laughed, snuggled some more, and said, "They say that that's the best time, after sex."

"Yeah, I guess that's true."

Kellie pulled herself up towards Danielle and took a drag off of her own cigarette. "Of course, since that's true", she began while exhaling, "then you aren't going to quit anytime soon, do you know what I mean. I don't check out until tomorrow."

Kellie leaned forward and her smoke flavored lips met Danielle's again. Suddenly, they were interrupted by the jangling of the phone on the nightstand near Kellie's side of the bed. "Sorry, "said Kellie, "this might be my office." Kellie picked up the phone and said, "Hello?". A cold feeling went through Danielle's body as she saw Kellie turned to her, point at the phone and then at Danielle. "Yes", said Kellie into the receiver of the phone, "someone from housekeeping has been here..." Kellie paused. "Yes, she's still here...we just got to...you know, chatting." Kellie looked up at Danielle with a wicked smile as she finished the lie. "O.k., hang on", Kellie held out the phone towards Danielle. "They want to talk to you."

Danielle grabbed the phone and heard the agitated voice of her manager, Donna, on the other end, "Danille! What in the world do you think you are doing! You have twenty-one rooms to clean. You've been there for over and hour and a half! What in the world is going on there!?! 

"Well, ma'am., I'm sorry, but..I...I..." Danielle stammered as she felt Kellie's hand running gently over her thigh.

"I don't want to hear any excuses, Danielle! This is just your first day and you're screwing up already. You get your little butt out of there and start cleaning those other rooms now!!

Danielle had taken a drag off of her cigarette as she listened to Donna and concentrated on the feel of Kellie's hand and the warmth of her body next to hers.

"...know there is something strange going on there, Danielle, I don't know if its drugs or what, but you better get those other rooms cleaned and you better believe that I'm going to talk to management about this..."

Danielle was feeling the excitement and blew out a stream of smoke as she listened. "Danielle!" screamed Donna. "Are you smoking!!??!!"

"Well, uhh, yeah..."

"Its a non-smoking room, Danielle. that's it! You better get those other rooms cleaned, but either way,you are in big trouble young lady..."

"I can't do that ma'am", said Danielle as her body began to react to Kellie's touch once again.

"Can't what!!"

"Clean other rooms."

"Why the hell not!!???"

"Because I'm on my smoke break."

Danielle giggled as she said this and Kellie paused to laugh.

"You're fired, Danielle, do you hear me..."

"No ma'am, I quit", said Danielle and hung up the phone. She would deal with the fall out from this later. Danielle took a drag and blew her smoke into Kellie's face and said, "Kellie, I want to take the lead for a while."

Danielle, her non-smoking and housekeeping days behind her, happily fell into a deep embrace with the beautiful  smoking sedcutress. And she couldn't have been happier .    










March 24, 2006

Smoking Fiction


    Danielle certainly did want to do another smoky kiss with Kellie, but edverything was starting to fall in on her at once: she had been in this room for several minutes now, and hadn't done any cleaning, she was being seduced by an older woman for the first time, she didn't know what to do. The only thing Danielle knew was that her non-smoking days were behind her and if she didn't get out of that room-and fast-she was going to be in trouble. But she didn't want to go.

"Kellie", she started, "I'm not sure I should be doing this, I..."

    Kellie took another drag as she listened and interrupted Danielle again, "Danielle, do you want to kiss me again, or not?" Kellie followed her direct question with and exhale into Danielle's face and Danielle coughed slightly. It gave Kellie the opening to brush up against Danielle and engage here in another embrace, this one even tighter than before.

    Danielle was now totally at the mercy of the other woman, and she loved it, savoring both the lingering taste of the acrid smoke in her mouth as well as the electrifying sensation of her most erotic experience and first seduction.

    Kellie's hands were running over Danielle's back as she used both hands-the lit Marlbor still burning in her right-to unbutton Danielle's dress. Danielle held onto Kellie, feeling the firm pressure of Kellie's bust against her own, thinking quickly how good it felt and that Kellie's bust was considerably larger.

"Kellie, I, I...Kellie..." stammered Danielle as she moved her hands clumsily up and down Kellie's back.

"I know, Danielle, I know...don't worry, just relax and let me do all of the work." Kellie was breathless as she finished the last sentence and put the cigarette up to Danielle's mouth for another drag. Danielle took a deeper drag than she ever had before and immediately felt Kellie's soft mouth on hers as she pulled her mouth away from the cigarette. Her mouth was again engged with Kellie's, and her tongue was caressing Kellie's. Danielle could feel the smoke billowing from her mouth into Kellie's as the charge of the kiss raged through her.


beautiful girl smoking  

Danielle's dress was off, revealing to Kellie her schest adorned in a new lace bra. Kellie stepped back and sat down on the bed, bringing her cigarette up to her mouth and again patting the bed with her left.

    "C'mon, Danielle, lie down, honey. Lets finish this cigarette together." Kellie's voice sounded to Danielle deeper and more inviting than before. Danielle knew that she couldn't resist this invitation if she wanted to: which she didn't. 

    Danielle moved over to the bed, shyly aware of being in her underwear while on the job, but no longer caring to the point where she did not want this to happen. She laid down next to Kellie and admired a long cone-like exhale of Kellie's that went straight up as Kellie reclined beside her. Kellie turned her body more towwards Danielle and again put the cigarette in Danielle's mouth. Danielle's drag was this time accompanied with the feel of Kellie's left hand searching for the skin beneath Danielle's bra.

    Danielle exhaled quickly and timidly asked Kellie, "Do you want me to take that off?" Kellie shook her head as she took another drag of her own and said, "No, its better when its a little bit of a struggle."

Site Review


                                                            SMOKE SIGNALS ONLINE 

    I recently joined Smoke Signals Online , probably the most heralded and longest running smoking fetish paysite on the 'net. Smoke Signals needs no real introduction to anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the smoking niche online, so I won't waste much space on background other than to say they have been around since 1994-almost like the beginning of time in internet terms-have a print and online magazine as well as two other sites (www.smokingflicks.com and smokingfetishvideo.com)


    I must say that I was somewhat disappointed in the video material available in the member's area. That could be just because my expectations were so high, but I think its fair to say that the amount of content available is probably not what one would expect, given how long they have been around. They claimed, and accurately so, to have done an update with regard to new video. They did have some recently added clips, Krista I think the model's name was, and there was approximately 30 minutes of new clips featuring her. In fact, brwosing through the last three months of recently added video, its clear that most all of the clips range from 50 seconds to a minute and a half. I saw none two minutes or longer, although I did not go through their video archive, which contains their video updates back to 2002. The clips are available for playing in WMV and MPEG.


    There are a lot of pics, however, seveal galleries of the same models and more models than seem to be there for the video portion. This includes some high resolution pics. the pics, like the videos are fairly well described, mainly with a movie-like rating of PG, R, X. It seems like th evast majority of the pics, like the video clips, fall into the PG/R camp. 


    Membership also gives you access to the online edition of their magazine, Smoke Signals, which I learned will only be published online after the June/July issue. The magazine also carries a "Dark Side" column for those who like the edgier side of the niche as well as a very good movie review section and smoking fiction column. The magazine itself will be worth the price of membership for some. After all, aside from smoking message boards with guys posting things like "who was that babe smoking a cork in that one scene of that one Colight video that came out about 5 years ago?" and "anyone know where I can find free nude pictures of Anna Kournikova  doing a combo nostril/mouth exhale?", there is relatively little  fresh and entertaining dialogue about the smoking fetish out there. Smoke Signals is easily the best in this regard, which is evidenced by the fact that they have been publishing so long both online and offline with a very loyal readership.

    One thing that I must say bothered me was getting my membership, logging in that first time and seeing all the links of where I could go now that I was a full fledged member of the site. My eyes immediately went to the link that said "Full Length Videos" and I clicked there only to find that I was now at smokingfetishvideos.com, obviously run by the same folks, but...you guessed it, my $18.95 didn't get me into smokingfetishvideos.com, where, apparently, all of the full length videos are (or at smokingflicks.com, a pay-per-view site owned by smoke signals with a large library of content)  That was something that I would have liked to have been clear on before I joined, as the advertising on the page definitely indicates members get access to all of the huge library of content Smoke Signals has amassed over the years. I could have missed it, but since their home page and Online store landing page have, literally, been the same for years-not even a pic swapped out-I don't think so. I'm not saying I felt deceived, just disappointed. I'm the kind of guy who feels you should get the whole shebang with membership or, if not, then it should be made crystal clear that joining one area or club won't get you this or that, yada, yada, yada.

I think this site is a must for those who really enjoy pics and would enjoy reading interviews with smoking models and directors, as well as smoking fiction. For video/clip fans, I have to say that the content is just nediocre. Most of Smoke Signals video content is material made by outside producers, and I think there is some fresher, more imaginative stuff out there than what I saw in the member's area. However, for the money, and if you're really into the fetish, you know, can't get enough, you need to check this membership out, even if its just for a couple of months. My overall grade: B   


March 23, 2006

Smoking Fiction

blonde smoking picture


     Danielle gazed at Kellie as she thought about the question Kellie had just so seductively asked her. On one hand, Danielle desperately wanted anothere smoky kiss, on the other, she felt that she was on the verge of going somewhere that she really shouldn't.

     "K-Kellie," started Danielle, "..it tasted really good, but I...I need to get back to work and I'm not supposed to smoking and..."

     Kellie blew a soft cloud of smoke at Danielle and interrupted, "Sounds like a rejection me, Danielle." Kellie leaned up on the bed and unbuttoned her bluse one more notch. "If you don't find me attractive or don't like the way I smoke, just say so, Danielle."

     "Oh, no, ma'am, I'm not saying that..."

     "Call me Kellie, Danielle." 

     Danielle straightend up a little more and edged towards the door of the huge hotel room. "I'm not saying that, Kellie, I..I this is my first day on this job, Kellie..."

     Kellie got up off the bed and stepped up close to Danielle. "You are doing a wonderful job, so far, Danielle". Kellie put the lit Marlboro up to Danielle's mouth and smiled evilly as Danielle inhaled deeply on it . Danielle pulled back, let the smoke curl out of her mouth and up her nostrils before blowing out the stream over Kellie's left shoulder. "Thanks," said Danielle quickly, followed by a quick little cought that told Danielle that she might have gone too hard on the french inhale, especially after not smoking for months. "But, yeah, I'm not supposed to be smoking at all, and this is a smoking room..."

     "So you do find me attractive, is that it, Danielle?" asked Kellie.   Kellie took a deep drag off of her Marlboro and moved her mouth very quickly close to Danielle's. Danielle, expecting another stream of tasty smoke from Kellie, opened her mouth slightly and was surprised when she felt Kellie's lips meet hers. The tingle that shot through her body was electric, both out of desire and surprise. Her tongue met Kellie's softly at first, and then more roughly as Danielle felt the string rush of smoke Kellie was exhaling inside her mouth as they kissed.

     Kellie put her arms around Danielle and Danielle instinctively moved hers up and around Kellie's neck, not even thinking about what she was doing. When Kellie pulled back and her lips left Danielle's, there was a barely audible smacking sound as both set of lips left one another and a little string of saliva that follwed Kellie's lower lip as she pulled back. Danielle, still stunned by what was happening, automatically blew out the residual smoke that was still in her mouth and lungs as she looked at Kellie wide-eyed.

     Kellie gently wiped off her lip and smiled evilly at Danielle. "Now that wasn't your first kiss, was it Danielle?"

    "Uhh, no, but, I, I've gotta'..."

     "I didn't think so, Danielle, that was a very satisfying smoky kiss. I'd like to do it again, wouldn't you?" 


March 22, 2006

Smoking Site Review

Suze Randall smoking picture


Suze Randall is a well known photographer of beautiful women and erotica on the 'net and her website  is one of the best and most erotic on the 'net. Fans of the smoking fetish who don't already know will be pleased to learn that Suze has a fairly large contingent of smoking related photos and sets, though not as large as some of the other genres on her site.

    This site does a wonderful job of catching the essence of the smoking niche, with erotically themed photo shoots and terrific lighting. Some of the relatively well known models and actresses who make appearances and/or have smoking phot sets in Suze's Smoking Lounge include Flick Shagwell, Justine Joli, Penny Fame (pictured above) and others from "B" movie actresses to well known webmistresses and porn stars.


     Suze's membership also offers an almost unlimited bevy of hardcore and softcore photo and video galleries, and this site seems to always ahve fresh content. Smoking fans who don't mind the intrusion of girl/girl or boy/girl softcore will have a hard time finding a better deal. On the other hand, the smoking sets don't seem to be updated as much or as fresh as the other genres, whether that is just my observation or a fact is something to figure out on your own. But, this is a site with nothing less than "A-" women and the smoking pictures are legitimate, not the unlit cigarette in the mouth variety that so many smoking fans know and loathe so much.


    It might come down to just what niche of the smoking fetish a particular fan falls into, those who need the women to be the best looking possible are going to be hard pressed to find a site with higher quality and/or more quantity than this; those who place the premium on the quality of the smoking will find this better than most, but not as good as some; those who insist on expert videography and photography of the smoking will be pleased; any smoke fetisher (and there are many) who have a disdain for nudity are not going to like Suze's site; for others it will be a balancing act. The price of Suze's site is definitely right considering the quality and quantity of the content.

    The only drawback from here is the relatively small quantity of smoking material relative to the rest of the site. But, that has to be offset against the enormity of the site as a whole, and the outstanding quality of the other aspects. My grade= B+

Smoking Fiction





blonde smoking

    Daniell's heart continued to race as she tried to make sense of what was happening to her: sghe was slacking off work on her first day of a very good job, but she had had a couple of drags of a sweet tasting cigarette-something she had missed for months-and she was being hit on by a beautiful woman! Or was she?

    Kellie leaned a little closer to Daniell and repeated her question. "Do I make you nervous, Danielle?" Kellie smiled at Danielle, as if she knew the answer might take a few seconds. Kellie crushed out her cigarette and popped another on out of the pack and did a quick match lightup. Danielle watched enthralled and Kellie blew a thick stream of smoke right at Danielle's face.

    Danielle, realizing that she was staring too long at Kellie, recovered to answer, "Well, uhh...Kellie, uuhh, I guess its just..."

    Kellie interrupted Danielle's stammering answer to place her lig Marlboro in Danielle's mouth. Danielle drew in harder on the cigarette than she had previously and took in a delicious lungful of smoke. Danielle exhaled in a combination of smoke out of her mouth and nose simultaneoulsy as she finished her answer. "...Its just that I think you might be hitting on me, Kellie", she said nervously while quickly blowing out the residual of her smoke.

    Kellie laughed and replied, "So, what if I am, Danielle? What if I like cute young women who smoke? Is that a problem for you?"

    "Well, no, I mean, I guess, I'm supposed to be working...". Kellie took a deep drag off of the Marlboro, held it in and leaned closer to Danielle than she had before. Danielle, with her heart beating fast and her palms sweaty, realized she was aroused and wanted to lean towards Kellie. Danielle inched forward with a mix of nervousness and excitement aned insticntively opened her mouth, expecting her first kiss from a gorgeous woman.

    Kellie stooped her lips an inch from Danielle's and blew a furious exhale of smoke into Daneilles' mouth trhough her parted lips. The smoke stung Danielle's throat a little in her surprise and she quickly took the mouthful down into her lungs and tried to savor it. Danielle inhaled the passed smoke and blew out a plume of it over Kellie's left shoulder.

        Just as Danielle finished her exhale, Kellie's lips touched hers and Danielle felt excitement welling up inside of her that she had not felt before. Kellie's lips tasted sweet with their smoky flavor, yet soft and inviting. Danielle wanted to open her mouth, but Kellie pulled back, smilked, and said, "That's called a smoky kiss, Danielle. Was that your first one?"

    Danielle, still basking in the taste of the smoke and her excitement, did not speak but only nodded.

    "Well," said Kellie as she raised the cigarette to her lips for another drag, "did you like it, Danielle?"     





March 21, 2006

The Perfect Smoking Model...

       I guess one thing I've learned about this niche from surfing around the 'net for the past couple of years is the wide ranging ideal of the desired female smoking "model". It seems that some people are into the famous and the "celebrity" aspect of it is very important. Sites like smoking celebs focus exclusively on celebrities and other great sites like Angel's Smoking Archive give a lot of space in their galleries to celebrities.

      But its clear to me that fame is not even close to being a prerequisete for fans or fetishers attracted to women smoking ( I guess this makes some sense, since most attractions develop in youth with what we see, and how many are next to gorgeous actresses/singers on a regular basis in the pre-teen and teen years). A lot of it, of course, has to do with how the smoking woman looks: whether that is age, race, ethnicity, bust size, hair color or whatever. Some sites like Draggin Ladies and La Verite seem to have a certain look or body type that they focus on almost excluaively.

     Of course, for tons of people, the issue is what the woman is smoking more than anything. There are boards and groups a plenty dedicated to Virginia Slims, Marlboros, filterless, cigars, etc. One site I've found dedicated soley to cigars is The Right Cigar, which, I think, is a German site that focuses soley on females smoking cigars. Other sites are clearly focusiing on a theme incorporated with smoking babes. the best example I can think of is Coherent Light, where 90% of the material seems to incorporate a "fem-dom-male" theme, although there are some variations, such as fem-dom-fem. But, to me, its a very good and long running site that is perfect for the fan of dominant female smokers, especially those who want to see female smokers dominating men.

       So, I don't know, there is something for everyone, I guess, although it is always interesting to hear what does it for different people. One thing I think is interesting in talking about this is, often times, those of us in the "smoking fetish community', tend to forget that almost everyone who posts on a message board or a blog related to smoking women knows that he (or she) has the attraction. But, all of us didn't always know we had the attraction (or if we did, didn't know how or if to define it) . I guess what I'm saying is, there must be thousands of guys out there who, for example, if you asked them what their dream babe would be might say something like (depending on their generation, of course) "Sarah Jessica Parker", "Sharon Stone", or "Joan Crawford". How much of this has to do with these women being sultry smokers, and demonstrating that in so many, or at least in the most famous, of their roles? How many men (or women, of course) are attracted to Sharon Stone in large part because of how sexy she looks smoking and don't even realize it?  ( I don't know what the poin tof this thought is, just rambling :) )

     Anyway, one of the thing I want to help do on this site is to pay homage, so to speak, to all those different aspects of the female smoking fetish. some of the sites and galleries you'll see here aren't smoking fetish only, but do have some very good smoking content. It will be intersting to me to hear what you think of the various sites, the niche in general, or what can be done to make your enjoyment of the fetish even better.  



March 20, 2006

Smoking Fiction


Danielle was nervous as she considered the invitation, if that's what it was, from the blonde woman who was asking her to break the rules-big time-in a good new job that she had to have.

"I don't know, ma'am", stammered Danielle.

"My name is Kellie Watts", said the woman sweetly, "please call me Kellie." The tone of the Kellie's voice made Danielle's heart beat even a little faster, and not just because she really wanted a cigarette.   Kellie kept patting the bed with her left hand, holding her Marlbor Light in her right, and Danielle found herself walking over towards the large bed.

"There you go, honey", said Kellie through a plume of smoke. "That wasn't so hard, was it? Just live a little. Having one smoke isn't going to kill you, is it?"

Danielle sat down nervously on the bed next to Kellie and said, "Well, no, but, well, I really shouldn't be smoking, plus this is a non-smoking room..."

"Well, just take a drag off of mine, if that makes you feel better...technically, its not your cigarette, its mine, honey", sad Kellie with an emphasis in her voice on the word mine.

The woman raised her right hand with the burning Marlbor in it to Danielle's mouth and Danielle first noticed Kellie's long, perfectly manicured fingernails as she took the cigarette in her mouth and dragged deeply on it. Danielle let her eyes drift up slowly towards Kellie's as she inhaled the smoke and thought they looked deep, dangerous, and erotic.

blonde smoking

Danielle savored the taste of the first smoke she had taken into her lungs in months as she did a deep french inhale.

Kellie asked her, "Honey, what is your name?"

"Its Danielle", said Danielle through her exhale. Her brand of choice when she was smoking regularly had been Newports, but this Winston Light tasted sooo good.

"Danielle, that's a pretty name and....that was a very pretty french inhale, Danielle", said Kellie. As she finished her compliment, she was holding the Marlboro out for Danielle again, only this time a little further away so Danielle had to lean closer to Kellie to take her drag. It seemed incredible, but the smoke tasted even better to Danielle this time than it had on the first drag. Danielle blew her exhale in a thick stream over the left shouldr of Kellie and said, "Thanks."

Kellie nodded and smiled as she tapped some ashes off of the Marlboro into the soda can. "Danielle, you seem a little nervous, do I make you nervous?" Kellie smiled again and took an elegant drag on the cigarette.

Danielle's heart was in her throat a little as she watched  this gorgeous women smoking and savored the lingering taste of the cigarette in her own mouth. Danielle had the disticnt impression that she was being hit on...by a beautiful blonde woman on her first day of the job!   

March 19, 2006

Smoking Fiction


                                THE HOUSEKEEPER AND THE GUEST   PART ONE

    Danielle Mears had all of the excitement and nervous energy that anyone would have on their first day of work. For Danielle, it was working as a housekeeper in the oldest and most elegant hotel in town, the Plimpton Hotel. Danielle was eighteen years old, of medium height and build, with honey brown eyes and full seductive lips. She had recently finished her GED, having gotten expelled from school for repeated violaations, the last of which was being caught smoking on school grounds for the fifth time. Her parents, both active in the local movement to make smoking in all public places illegal, had been unbelievably upset. They made Danielle swear off the vile weed, and told her she would only get help from them if she refrained from smoking completely, worked hard, and completed her GED in short order.

    Danielle had done all of these things. Upon reporting to the Plimpton and getting her cleaning cart, Danielle went up to the luxurious 20th floor to begin her rounds. Her first room was 2001, and she knocked on the door and said "Housekeeping." A firm, feminine , voice answered, "C'mon in, if you like."

    Danielle pushed her cart into the large, mahogany decor room with some trepidation. Her first room to clean, and she had to do it in front of an auience. As she entered the room and took stock of the plush carpeting and magnificent dresser and large TV to her right, she first caught the aroma of cigarette smoke coming from the left side of the room, where the King sized bed was located. Upon pushing her cart past the wall and looking into the opening of the lest side of the room, Danielle saw a woman dressed in a flora print dress, with shoulder length blonde hair laying on top of the sheets, slowly smoking a Marlobor Light 100. The woman was in her mid 20's, has long slender legs, and an ample bosom. Danielle's heart raced a little as she watched the woman's thick upward exhales accentuated by the dark mahogany headboard.

"Don't mind me", said the woman, "just go ahead and leave the bed for last, I was out late last night and I'm just having a smoke."

Danielle nodded and clumsily began to get to work on the rest of the room. The smell of the smoke was so good to her and she surreptitiously looked at the women in the mirror across from the bed as she began to pick up and dust on the dresser.

"Hope the smoke doesn't bother you", said the woman as she tapped her ashes into an empty Diet Coke can.

"Oh, no", said Danielle, "I used to smoke. Ummm. can I get you an ashtray for th-..."

"I think this is a non-smoking room, honey", said the woman with a smile as she took another deep drag.

"Oh, yes,", said Danielle, flushing slightly. "Of course, I just..."

"You said you used to smoke?", the woman asked against a thickj nostril exhale.

"Umm, yeah", said Danielle, who realized she was looking at the woman's bust and blushe again slightly. "Yeah, got in trouble at school because of it and my parents freaked...this is a big anti-smoking town, you know?"

"Oh, I know, honey, I know. So, you didn't quite because you wanted to, huh?"

"No, I mean, well, no. Like I said, it was, like my parents..."

"Would you like a cigarette, honey", said the woman as she blew out a plume of smoke and sat up on the bed, revealing that her bust was even larger than Danielle had thought.

Danielle's heart raced a little at both the prospect of her first cigarette in eight months and the seductiveness of the woman. "Uh, I don't know ma'am, I mean, its like..."

The woman smiled slowly and took a last drag off of her Marloboro as she crushed it out and said< "Honey, I won't tell if you don't." She grinned and reached for the pack of cigarettes on the night stand to her right while she began to pat the sheets with her left hand. "Take a load off, hon, have a cigarette with me."       

blonde girl smoking

Initial Blog: Why are we attracted to smoke?


    Welcome one and all to the very first entry in the Best Smoking Sites blog! This site is intended soley for all of those who see and enjoy glamour and beauty in a beautiful women smoking: seductive, sultry, candid, you name it. This blog will be maintained for the sole purpose of talking about anything under the sun that relates to the main purpose of the site.

    The main site links to many different websites with one thing in common, pictrues and/or videos of beautiful women smoking. Why do we-not just those of us who are fans of the genre-but society as a whole-find smoking women beautiful, alluring, and/or provactive. Well, I think the easy answer is that the habit was so taboo for so long-with respect to women, at least-that it became so much more inviting and symbolic. Those of you who are old movie fans can especially relate to the symbolism and allure of the classic screen goddesses when they lit up, as they almost always did: Bette Davis, Barbarta Stanwyck, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford and so on.

    There is no doubt that smoking is also symbolic of sex, even for those of us who are non-smokers. Many people would also say that it is the oral fixation involved, others would point to bad or naughty girl element, with all that implies.

    As for me, it is an undefinable combination of all of those elements, although I can't say for sure, nor do I much care, about the breakdown of which element are most important. The funny thing is, with all the anti-smoking feeling and sentiment out there over the past twenty or so years, the popular culture has done nothing to lessen the allure, in fact, I think it might even be more. You only need to look at the use of smoking and the cigarette by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, or the accentuated smoking scenes by Rosaria Dawson and Carla Gugino in Sin City.   

    As for the 'net, there are an abundance of far ranging sites out there dealing with this niche in all manner of ways. You can draw your own conclusions. Many of these sites, if not all, will be profiled andor linked on the main site in the future. They contain everything from well known actresses to unknown models, everything from smoking mixed with hardcore to depictions that would barely rate a PG by the most hawk-eyeed observer. Some long standing sites that deserve, in my opinion, mention right out of the gate are Smoking Angel, Coherent Light,Smoke Signals   and Smoking Models

    Some "newer kids on the block" that show imagination and promise are Visual Smoke and Smoking Rachel    On this blog, I intend to talk in more detail about these sites, many more, smoking glamour related videos, clip stores, smoking fiction and anything else! Feel free to post your comments and blog here anytime!